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Last Updated: Wednesday January 26 2005 14:02 GMT

Web police to protect kids online

Boy online

Police and internet companies around the world have got together to keep kids safe while they're on the web.

A website is being set up by the Virtual Global Task Force, a group of international police, so kids can report anyone they think is suspicious.

Companies like Microsoft and AOL will have the VGTF's logo on their sites, so kids can click on it for help.

The police hope to use the information they are given by kids to stop people hurting or scaring children.

Jim Gamble, from the National Crime Squad, said: "It used to be like the old wild west where anybody could do anything. But then the sheriff came along to impose law and order. We are the sheriff of the web."

Other VGTF plans include having police officers online 24 hours a day to make sure the internet is safe.