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Last Updated: Wednesday January 26 2005 11:19 GMT

We are the only Muslim family where we live

Press Packer Aisha
Aisha describes what it's like being a part of the only Muslim family in a small rural community.

You can see her report on Thursday's Newsround.

"I live in Tarbert on the Isle of Harris off the West Coast of Scotland. It is part of the Western Isles or the Outer Hebrides.

It's a really remote place, there's no bridge to the mainland and London is as far away as Iceland!

Three languages

We have our own language which is called Gaelic which I learn at school with my friends. At home I sometimes speak Urdu with my family, but my main language is English.

I have two sisters and one brother. Because our village is so small we all go to the same school, which is about a 10 minute walk from our house.


We are the only Muslim family on Harris but I really like living here. It is quiet, peaceful, and very safe. We can stay out with our friends without fear or worry.

There are eight more Muslim families in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis but if we want to see our Muslim friends it's a long car ride to Stornoway which is about 35 miles from Tarbert.

No mosques

As there is no mosque on the islands the Muslim community usually meet up in a house or in a community centre on special occasions. We always get together in Stornoway so we have to do a lot of driving.

At the moment we are raising funds to try to build a Muslim community centre, which will be used as a mosque, school and for special occasions.

Get togethers

During the summer the Muslim community get together and go to the beach for barbeque or picnics.

Both Lewis and Harris have beautiful beaches. Harris is particularly great in the summer and we spend hours and hours on the beaches.

Leaving the island

Despite the beauty of the place lots of kids are leaving the island when they grow up. There used to be 300 Muslims here. Nobody knows what will happen in the future. It may not be long before there are no Muslims left in Harris.

Aisha, 11, Isle of Harris

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