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Last Updated: Tuesday January 25 2005 17:24 GMT

Lizo meets young Muslims in America

Lizo and teenager
After the terrorist attacks in America on September 11 2001, NR's Lizo Mzimba travelled to New York to speak to Afghan American children.

He found many children were having a tough time including teenager Ali. At the time Ali explained he was scared walking down the street and was worried about people making racist remarks.

For Newsround's Islam week, Lizo went back to America and caught up with Ali and some children from a mosque in New York to see how much has changed over the last three years.

Ali believes the war in Iraq hasn't helped the way people think of Islam.

"At first it looked like there would be a change after Afghanistan, but then the Iraq war just added to people's misconceptions about Islam and how Islam's associated with terrorism."

He believes Islam is associated with terror, "people think if you're a Muslim you're in Al Qaeda or the Taliban" and doesn't feel very positive about the future.

American boy
Abdul is upset by the way his religion has been misunderstood


Eleven-year-old Abdul is upset about the impact of the terror attacks on his religion and how he feels about himself.

"It made me feel bad, made me feel bad about my culture, and made me feel embarrassed in front of everyone."


But Omar, 13, is more positive about America's attitude to Islam. "It's improved since 9-11 cause now people are learning to understand."

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