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Last Updated: Tuesday January 25 2005 11:41 GMT

Burns Night


Question 1

What is Burns night?

A: A night of food and fun to celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns.
B: The Scottish version of Guy Fawkes night
C: A night to burn Scottish food

Question 2

Who was Robert Burns?

A: A singer
B: A poet
C: The owner of a power plant in Springfield

Question 3

Why is Burns night celebrated January 25th?

A: It was the day he got married
B: It's the day he died
C: Itís thought to be his birthday

Question 4

What traditional Scottish dish is eaten on Burns night?

A: Pizza
B: Haggis
C: Shepherdís pie

Question 5

What was the name of Burnsís most song?

A: Old Long Sign
B: Auld Lang Syne
C: Very Old Song

Question 6

What year did he die?

A: 1976
B: 1776
C: 1796

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