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Last Updated: Friday September 02 2005 17:05 GMT

Hurricane Katrina: Your views and experiences

A rescue helicopter in the US
One of the worst storms ever to hit the USA has left hundreds of people dead, and millions more homeless. Almost all of the city of New Orleans is now under water.

The floods have left many people climbing on to roofs for shelter from the rising water, hoping helicopters and boats will be able to rescue them.

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Your comments

Last year where I live was affected by four major hurricanes. I feel really bad for the people in New Orleans and places in Alabama which were also affected by the hurricane. It's almost been a week since it hit and we still haven't heard anything from friends who live there. I really wish them the best.
Brittany , 14, Florida

It's been so bad here. I didn't experience it but to hear of so many people dead...there are even sharks on the streets in New Orleans. Some people won't even help and that makes me so mad. What would they do if it was them?
Tayler, 13, Louisiana

When I first saw birds-eye pictures of New Orleans, I thought it's just awful. I hope that all the missing are reunited with their families and friends. Some of the pictures have nearly had me in tears.
Vicky, 14, Luton

The destruction Katrina left in her path is just unbelievable. I wish the best of luck to all those affected by what has happened. It's relieving to know that some people are safe, but the amount it will cost to fix things, where will they find all that money?
Viki, 14, Bristol

Last year I experienced hurricane Charley and that was really bad. We saw houses crushed by trees and everything. It was a stage 3 hurricane, so I can't imagine what it is like in New Orleans.
Steven, 11, Cambridge

I feel for every one in New Orleans and Missouri. My family right now is hosting a family from New Orleans who lost every thing. It's awful seeing them cry and hope they will see some of there missing family members again! It's awful!
Emily, 13, Texas

It's just amazing how much damage these storms cause. I can't believe it.
Cadie, 11, Birmingham, USA

I hope that the people get food to live and get rescued before the water goes higher.
Hayley, 11, Manchester

My family and I didn't evacuate (even though we live pretty close to the gulf), so we got to see the whole storm firsthand. We boarded up our windows and luckily, we only lost our fence. Where I live downtown was massively flooded. Thankfully we received power about 28 hours or so after we lost it, and we were able to let my cousins and other relatives come stay with us until their power was restored.
Kalyn, 13, Southeast USA

I just want to say that it's absolutely terrible what has happened and I hope people who have experienced this are alright. I also hope their families and friends are okay.
Natasha, 12, Walton on Thames

I hope all the people affected get well soon and find new homes. If there are any kids missing I wish them the best of luck that they will be found!
Mandi, 11, Rome

I was kind of scared when it hit because my Grandma had to stay due to medical reasons. We haven't heard anything from her.
Katrina, 14, Georgia, USA

In Toronto we are getting rain from the end of Katrina. What is happening in New Orleans is terrible.
Sabine, 12, Toronto

I think it is tragic what has happened. All the homeless and poor people stuck under a dome.
Elena, 11, London

I think it's a terrible thing! My friend was in Miami just one week before the hurricane struck.
Laura, 11, Liverpool

Hurricane Katrina is headed in the direction of my state. We're not sure how bad it will be, but a lot of people have already left.
Mary, 14, Massachusetts

Two of my friends were in Florida when I heard about Katrina. I didn't know where they were in Florida or when they were coming back so I was really worried. Luckily they had already planned to come home so they returned to England just in time.
Alice, 12, Cambridge

My family and I were hit hard by hurricane Charley while we were on holiday in Orlando, Florida last year. Luckily, apart from losing electricity and a couple of drainpipes, our hotel wasn't seriously affected. But the true devastation caused by Charley was immense - there were warehouses with their roof completely torn and less stable houses were crushed flat by the weight of fallen trees and other debris. It was horrific.
Imogen, 12, Thornbury

It was really scary because we got the hurricane warning and we had to walk on the road because the sidewalk had been blocked off. We got moved to a safer area. We got the hurricane as well but it was just like a really bad storm
Stacey, 13, Louisiana

Southern Ontario (where I live) is in the path of Katrina. Although nothing as bad as what happened in New Orleans will arrive, heavy rains will hit our city.
Jessica, 13, Toronto

Although I do not live in Louisiana or Mississippi, the whole part of east Tennessee was under a tornado watch from 7am to 2pm all day today. It was really scary, a tree nearly fell on my little sister. And we had to stand under a ton of them this morning waiting for the bus. It was still extremely scary, the clouds seemed like they were nearly black.
Kaitlyn, 15, Tennessee, US

I live in South Florida. On Friday we had no school and some people still have no power! It's a scary thing! I have friends and family in Mississippi and New Orleans. I'm just thankful they are still alive. My parents were in north Carolina and so it was just me and my older sister and we just talked to each other and tried not to think of it. Say prayers for the people who lost all they ever had and the ones who lost it all including family and friends.
Charlie, 14, South Florida

I'm from Florida and have family from Mississippi (aunts, cousins, uncles, brother, and friends) and New Orleans (cousins)! Katrina came over us as at a 1 and some people still don't have power so think what that a 5 did. I am so thankful my family and friends there are safe!! Say a prayer!!
Charlotte, 14, Florida

For me, we didn't have power all day. Also it was raining like mad. It wasn't bad for us. Which I'm VERY grateful about. But afterwards, me and my mum went around my neighbourhood, and the destruction was amazing! I was pretty shocked! One of the things I saw was a tree that collapsed on a house. It didn't hurt the house, but the grass was still on it!
Laura, 13, MS

The pictures are completely terrible. Biloxi looks like it was hit by an atom bomb and New Orleans looks like what Atlantis must have been like. I'm completely terrified for my online friends, I know lots of them live down where Kat hit.
Rebecca, 14, Missouri

Last year with hurricane Ivan, their was a TON of damage. luckily. My family and neighbourhood were completely fine. But, some of my friends who live in different parts of town, their basements were completely underwater. Now since it is hurricane season and Katrina is coming, they are getting prepared this time. Also, my cousins had to kept in school until 11:30 at night. They ended up fine, but it's still scary.
Cara, 11, Rennendale

It's been raining for 3 days so far and the power goes out continuously. School was closed for the week because of Katrina. But I'm luckier than the people in Mississippi. I wish them luck!
Rahni, 13, Alabama

I think this is very scary. All of those people who have to suffer that they do not have anywhere to live I feel very sad. Where I used to live we would not have to worry about a hurricane at all. I am praying that all of those people who went though that is going to get better soon.
Alexander, 12, Florida

I live in Kentucky and even though we weren't where the hurricane hit it has been raining non-stop.
Lavender, 14, Kentucky

Luckily we were on vacation at the time of the hurricane but we have no idea what state our house will be in when we get back
Mindy, 13, New Orleans

It was dreadful. we had to move to a friend's house for a few days before we knew 80 people were killed.
Ahmed, 11, New Orleans

I was really freaked out by the news of Hurricane Katrina coz our friends live there and we haven't been able 2 contact them so we hope they are safe!!
Bettina, 12, Glasgow

It's horrible. I feel so sorry for all the kids that have lost all their family and their houses.
Natalie, 10, Mansfield

It was really scary. We had to move to Washington as soon as we heard that it was coming. My uncle got all the stuff from our house and we've moved into a small hut at the edge of town. When the twister was over our dad called and said that 80 dead people were brought into the hospital where he works and more are going to arrive tomorrow!!
George, 15, New Orleans

It was dreadful and it was so frightening. I had to hide in the basement.
Melissa, 11, Florida

I've recently been to a part of Florida badly affected by last year's hurricane Charley. The devastation is the sort of thing which you only believe when you see, it's shocking.
Francesca, 16, Sutton

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