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Last Updated: Thursday September 01 2005 13:01 GMT

Beslan survivors: one year on

Chermen survived the school siege in Beslan
It is one year since Chechen rebels sieged School Number One in Beslan.

Children and adults were held hostage in the sieged Russian school for three days.

More than 300 out of the 1,000 hostages were killed.

One year on, Newsround hears the stories from some of the children who survived the siege.

Chermen, 7

Seven-year-old Chermen went to School Number One and was one of the children held captive.

"For two whole days we just sat around and waited. We just sat quietly or slept. Mostly I just slept.

"I could go without water, without food, but it was very difficult for me to keep quiet, because I always love to talk."

Chermen was with his best friend Oleg but they got separated.

Chermen laid toys and a drink on his friend Oleg's grave
Chermen laid toys and a drink on his friend Oleg's grave

He later found out that Oleg had died.

"He was my very best friend and I really miss him.

"If you could measure it in electricity volts, it would be 9,000 million volts.

"I feel pain. And also rage."

Diana, 8

Diana and her sister Mariana who is 5
Diana and her sister Mariana who is 5

"Some of the ceiling fell on me. I got buried and my mum was looking for me.

"Everyone was sticking their hands out. I wanted to get out myself but I could only stick my hand out.

"Then my mum pulled me out and threw me through the window. She shouted "Run, Diana, run!"

Diana and her sister and grandma were all held in the siege.

"This used to be a happy place.

"I've changed. Now I get frightened when I'm in school and there's a sudden noise. Even when the bell rings, I get frightened."

Angela, 7

Hostages were made to get rid of their mobiles
Hostages were desperate for food and water over the three day siege.

"One of the terrorists had a bit of soul.

"He let us drink some water. Others didn't."

Angela's mother was also held in the school and was killed.

Carat, 11

Carat was really thirsty and also dreamt of water
Carat also dreamt of water

"I was hoping that Harry Potter would come.

"I remembered that he had a cloak that made him invisible and he would come and wrap me in it, and we'd be invisible and we'd escape."

Murat, 9

Murat lost his mother
Murat lost his mother

On the third day of the siege special armed forces stomed the building and there was a battle between them and the terrorists.

"I ran zig-zagging to escape the bullets."

Laima, 9

Laima draws pictures of the siege
Laima draws pictures of the siege

Nine-year-old Laima draws pictures of what she saw when she was held hostage.

"I found a little cross on the gym's floor. I kept it on me for all of the three days. It helped me to survive."

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