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Last Updated: Sunday January 23 2005 11:12 GMT

Playing chess is cool!

Katie plays chess
This week is National Chess Week in aid of Barnardo's.

In her report, Katie tells us why she thinks playing chess is cool.

"It annoys me in some ways when people think that chess is boring.

Most of the time they don't know what they're talking about and haven't really got into it.


I started playing chess a little when I was younger at home.

Then one day we went to a chess club with my two brothers and the teacher there said that we were promising. So we started playing more and taking part in competitions.

Every game of chess is different and you hardly ever come across the same game twice.

I feel excited at the thrill of not knowing what's going to happen during a game and wondering what black's next move will be.

Computer games

I play chess on the computer and on the internet against people from different countries.

But I don't have a Playstation or any other computer games. I think that when you play them you're not really doing anything constructive and you're wasting your mind away.

Playing chess also helps me with maths. I do things a bit more logically now and it and helps my concentration.

If you've never tried chess before, give it a go and see what it's actually like instead of guessing.

Famous players

There's lots of different levels you can play at so you can play friendly games if you're a beginner.

I haven't really thought about the famous people that play chess, like Madonna and Jude Law, but I might try and convince people that if it's cool enough for them, anyone can play it."

Katie, 13, Somerset

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