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Last Updated: Friday January 21 2005 19:52 GMT

Who is Muhammad?

The Prophet Muhammad mosque in Saudi Arabia
Muhammad was born in the year 570 and Muslims believe that he was God's last prophet.

He got married to a woman called Khadija when he was 25.

Muslims believe that in the year 610, he had a vision from the Archangel Gabriel who told him he was to be one of God's prophets.

In 623, he made a pilgrimage to Mecca with 100,000 followers. He died a few months later, aged 63.

Muslims do not worship him because Muslims only worship Allah.

However, part of the Muslim faith is to emulate Muhammad and how he lived his life. This is why some Muslim men grow beards.

When they write or say his name, Muslims often follow it with: "Peace be upon Him."

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