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Last Updated: Wednesday January 19 2005 15:21 GMT

Dick and Dom web not TV slammed

Dick and Dom are in line for two kid's Baftas
The MP who was said to have criticised Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow for being too gross has contacted Newsround to say he meant the TV show's website.

"I was talking about the website not the programme, which I haven't seen," Mr Luff told Newsround on Wednesday.

In the House of Commons Mr Luff hit out at the website which features kids wearing pants on their heads.

He said he made the comments after someone in his area complained to him about the CBBC website.


Are Dick and Dom too gross for kids' TV?





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Mr Luff also said he received around 30 emails about Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow. Some criticised the Bogey game because they thought it encouraged anti-social behaviour.

But the Tory MP did tell Newsround he would consider going to watch Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow being filmed live if he was asked.

"If the editor does give me an invitation to come and watch it (the programme) being made I would think about it," said Mr Luff.

Let us know what YOU think about Dick and Dom's show - is it too gross?

Your Comments

Dick and Dom is brilliant. The government have no sense of humour.
Giancarlo, 10, Cambuslang

It's all a laugh I'm 15 and get up early just so I can watch it!!
Jen, 15, Nottingham

My friends and I really don't like the programme, it is too childish and it gives the wrong impression to children watching it. It's mad - I just turn the channel whilst it is on.
Charles, 13, Sutton

Dick and Dom is a load of immature rubbish, designed for those who can't be bothered to get up and change the channel.
Emily, 11, Thirsk

I'm 12 years old and I hate the show. I think it should be removed from the TV as it doesn't set a good example for young ones and it's not what you want to wake up to.
Gemma, 12, Barry

Dick and Dom is just a children's programme. It is made for children - not for adults - by people who think like children. The programme just allows children to have fun, laugh and enjoy their childhood which is something children nowadays rarely get a chance to do.
Rhona, 14, Scotland

Dick and Dom is the BEST programme on CBBC. If their show gets taken off CBBC I will be in pieces. I don't know what I'd do without them.
Katherine, 9, Huddersfield

The jokes fail, attempting to make you smile at two pathetic grown men. Childish and pathetic.
Troy, 11, London

I think MPs should leave Dick and Dom in da Bungalow alone and stick to sorting out major disasters instead of wasting time criticising a children's TV show!
Tom, 9, London

I don't like Dick and Dom because I think it is sad and not funny at all. Although I'm not saying it should be got rid of.
Kathryn, 13, Cheshire

We totally agree with Hannah from Cardiff. We always mess about doing 'bits' from the show in class. No-one else gets it, coz they are too mature to watch... but we don't care!!! It's well funny, we played bogies on the bus!!!
Tic and Tac, 15

They are just being funny and doing their job!
Tom, 10, Sheffield

Dick and Dom is funny and entertaining. If people don't want to watch it, than that's their problem - they can go and watch something else!
George, 10, Brighton

I think dick & dom is GREAT. It's just a bit of fun.
Tabitha, 11, Inverness

I think that Dick and Dom is gross they said it was aged 8-12 year olds, well I'm 12 and I think it is gross and childish!
Tom, 12, Oxford

Dick and Dom is just legendary. It is not too gross. It's what children want to watch. It was made for kids by adults who seem to be young at heart. Dick and Dom still appeal to me as a 13 year-old. I love Dick and Dom.
Kirsty, 13, Newport

Dick and Dom rocks! Even thought I'm 15 I still find its toilet humour funny. The show is clearly aimed at children and in my case teens from the content. I think it's much better than some of the other stuff showed on CBBC. Keep up the crazy antics and stay on our TVs for years to come!
Hannah, 15, Cardiff

I TOTALLY think they are right, Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow is total RUBBISH. They go on about really stupid stuff.
Chloe, 11, Bicester

I think the MP is wrong to say that Dick and Dom were 'too gross'. I love Dick and Dom in da bungalow because it gets me ready for a busy weekend ahead, and they are both very comical.
Lilly, 10, Huddersfield

Dick and Dom are gross because when I wake up in the morning it always make me feel sick but I think it should be on in the middle of the day!
Helena, 11, Wigan

I can't believe how pretentious this MP is. I am 13 and I thoroughly enjoy this show and so does all of my family. If anyone even dares try to get it off the air I will be very put out.
Patrick, 13, Falkirk

I think it is supposed to be gross because that is what makes it funny!
Rachel, 11, Essex

I am 12 years old and I still love dick and dom, it is a really good laugh in the morning at weekends. I think that adults have forgotten that children think that different things are funny from what they used to be! How could any one think of taking them off the telly!
Charlotte, 12, Milton Keynes

I think it's another humorous game show for children to enjoy and not aimed at adults.
Hazel, 11, Arlesford

I think that the mp is wrong about dick and dom because they are the best entertainers in the UK.
Elisabeth, 13, Exning

I have only watched Dick and Dom in the Bungalow a few times. I think that the programme should not be shown on telly because it is rude and disgusting and some things young children should not see as it will make them think they can act with this horrible behaviour. My family and I think this should not be on TV.
Sara, 9, Rosyth

Dick and dom is great it has made me a happier person in life and me and my friends love it.
Catherine, 11, Woodford Green

I think Dic and Dom is disgusting. It's supposed to be for my age but no one else my age watches it!
Harriet, 12, Northampton

I think dick and dom is the best - better than any program on cbbc.
Zoe, 11, Sheffield

Dick and Dom are hilarious! I know an eighteen year-old who loves them, they're great for kids as long as the kids aren't too young.
Becca, 12, Aylesbury

If adults sat down and watched the programme they would most probably enjoy it so children should be able 2 watch something they and their parents like.
Emma, 11, Chester

I do not think dick and dom are gross they are just plain stupid.
Connor, 10, Grimsby

I think that the show is fine and adults shouldn't get involved!!
Eleanor, 10, Great Holland

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