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Specials: Asia Earthquake Disaster

Last Updated: Tuesday January 18 2005 16:58 GMT

Ellie meets children injured by the tsunami

Ikang was injured in the tsunami
Ikang says he happy he's being looked after
NR's Ellie Crisell has been visiting children in hospital in Indonesia to see how the Boxing Day earthquake has affected their lives.

Thousands of children were injured in the disaster and hospitals have been extremely busy trying to cope.

Like many children, 14 year old Ikang was brought to the hospital after being rescued from the water.

Ikang hurt his foot while he clung to a tree to survive but now his foot has become infected.

Straight after the tsunami, doctors and nurses were forced to treat the injured in corridors as there wasn't enough room on the wards.

Budi talks to Ellie through the translator
Budi talks to Ellie through the translator

Parents have been visiting hospitals in the hope that they will find their children among the patients, but wards are starting to empty and fewer children are now arriving for treatment.


Doctors discovered that one boy, Budi, brought in by his neighbours, who now look after him, has chicken pox but are surprised that there haven't been more diseases amongst the children.

To ensure diseases don't spread, children in the area are going to be vaccinated against illnesses like measles.

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