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Last Updated: Wednesday August 24 2005 16:43 GMT

'Boring Book Brother' review template

Image of a pirate cat sitting on a pile of books (Picture: The Reading Voyage)



The story

The characters


Any weak bits?

Rating (1-5)

Newsround review rating graphic

Tips on filling in the template:

The story/plot This is WHAT happens e.g. Harry defeats Voldemort.

You can also make a note of WHERE and WHEN the story takes place e.g. Hogwarts school of wizardry, present day.

Note down what a boring person would most hate about the story.

The characters or WHO is in the book. To help you describe the characters, jot down these details:

  • Name of character
  • Role
  • Adjective to describe them
For example:
  • Harry Potter
  • Schoolboy wizard
  • Brave
Make a note of what a boring person would most hate about the characters.

Highlights Note down your least favourite part of the book. This is likely to be the highlight for a boring person!

Were there any chapters where you found yourself wishing for some action to liven up the plot? Any unrealistic characters? Any descriptions or chapters that you felt were poor?

Describe these as the best pieces of writing ever!

Any weak bits? For a boring person, these are likely to be the most exciting bits.

Was there a particular piece of action, description or characters' speech you really enjoyed?

Describe this as the worst piece of writing ever!

Rating If you really enjoyed the book, a boring person is likely to give it one out of five!

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