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Last Updated: Sunday January 16 2005 16:09 GMT

Tsunami: Ellie's diary - Day 5

NR presenter Ellie Crisell
Saturday 15 January


Another tough day today. It's unbelievable how hot and humid it is here. It's so oppressive - everything is much more tiring. There is no clean running water, so we can't shower. It's gross. We are all going to stink by the time we get home.


We did lots of filming today. This morning we went to a camp where the charity World Vision have set up play tents for children. It's really important for kids who have been through real trauma, like those here, to have normality.

Schools aren't open yet, so playing with other kids is the only option. All things considering the kids seemed really cheerful. Indonesians seem to try and see the best in things and be positive.


This afternoon's report was really upsetting though. I interviewed a 16 year old girl who has lost her entire family. She literally has no one in the world to look after her.

Hundreds of children have been orphaned
Hundreds of children have been orphaned

The charity UNICEF are looking after her for now. She was very upset telling us what happened to her. She started crying, so we stopped the interview.

We drove through a really grim part of town today. More miles of devastation. The clear up has been going on for over two weeks, but it really looks as if they have barely scratched the surface.


The smell was so awful we all had to wear face masks. We saw a playground that was underwater with trees knocked over and piles of rubble everywhere. It's just so upsetting. It's going to take years to get Banda Aceh back to anywhere near normal.

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