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Last Updated: Saturday January 15 2005 10:02 GMT

We donated coins to help tsunami victims

Somerset school kids have been raising money for Asia
Liam and Holly have been fundraising for the survivors of the Asian tsunami at their school.

More than 230 schools in Somerset spent Friday raising money, and are planning to send all the money they collect to the disaster fund.

In their report Liam and Holly explain what they've been up to.

Our school spent Friday raising money for the people in Asia who have been affected by the tsunami.

We raised money by putting coins on the floor in the big hall on top of a big map of Asia.

Loads of coins were put on the floor of the school
Loads of coins were put on the floor of the school
There were so many coins that we were able to fill in all the countries that have been affected.

We were putting down 1p coins, 2p coins and even 1 and 2 ones.

It looked really good, there was an amazing amount of coins.

We did it as part of our normal lessons. Every so often a few of us would be sent to the hall to put our money onto the map.

We've learned lots about the tsunami in lessons and assemblies at school and a couple of weeks ago took part in the three-minute silence.

Letter from Sri Lanka

One of our teachers has friends in Sri Lanka and they sent a letter to the school explaining what happened and how they managed to survive.

The coins were placed in the shape of a map of Asia
The coins were placed in the shape of a map of Asia
It was read out in assembly and really helped us understand just how bad things were.

We've seen lots of news about the disaster and the more we see the more devastating it looks.

Parents put money in too

We put some of our pocket money onto the map and even used some our savings. Our parents gave us some coins to use as well.

It's been brilliant to do something that will help the people.

If it had been our country that was hit other countries would have helped us, so it's really good that we've been able to help.

Liam, 10, and Holly, 11, Bridgwater

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