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Last Updated: Tuesday January 18 2005 18:53 GMT

Busted split: your reaction


Busted have announced that they have split for good.

So what is your reaction to this sudden, if not unexpected, change of events?

Had you suspected this would happen, after the announcement on Wednesday that they were taking a temporary break?

If so has this softened the blow for you?

Or are you in a state of shock?

And how will you cope with life after Busted?

E-mail and let us now.

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Your comments

I think James will do really well on his own. I love him!
Stacey, 15, Maidstone

I was a massive fan of Busted, I am so sad that they have split! I think that Charlie would have a better time in Busted! I hope they get back together. When I heard I cried and cried.
Amy, 9, Beckenham

I'm really upset that Busted have split up! It's all Charlie's fault, if he didn't join this other band, Busted would still be here today!
Helen, 13, Middlesex

I am a really big Busted fan and I am really upset that they have split. I still listen to their music and still have their posters on my walls. I will love them forever and they can never be replaced. I wish them all the best in the future. You guys rock I love you.
Vicky, 14, Leeds

I am so upset that I cried myself to sleep the night Busted split up. I thought I would never see Matt again - he is gorge and now he's gone.
Jess, 13, Chorley

I liked Busted a lot but why did Charlie join Busted if he did not like the music they were doing?
Chloe, 10, Bristol

Me and my mum are devastated we love Busted sooooo much. They are amazing, I love them and their music and I think that Matt and James should carry on and get a new member!!!
Molly, 10, Thornbury

I think it's really weird that people are crying over the split - get over it! They were an ok band but there are loads of better ones out there such as Maroon 5!
Grace, 13, Tamworth

How could you dump all your fans?
Eleanor, 8, Windsor

I am crying every day because I miss them so much. I love them and Mattie is so cool. I am really angry with Charlie for leaving for his little band.
Becky, 11, Bournemouth

I was sooo sick of their music. I guess that they were trying to be all punky and stuff, but to me and all my friends, they were just another boy band trying to look cool.
Robyn, 13, Netherlands

I am gutted. Busted was the only thing that kept me going sometimes. I'll miss you.
Alys, 8, London

I was really shocked and I started to cry and my family had to calm me down which wasn't easy.
Rebecca, 11, Melton Mowbray

I am really disappointed that Busted have split up but sometimes it is for the best.
Millie, 10, Cheltenham

If Charlie wants to quit the band, let him be! James and Matt can still continue with other band members! Busted is the best band in the world!!
Tash, 12, London

I think we all need 2 respect Charlie! If we were in showbiz we would want our fans to be proud of us! I took up the drums when Busted came out and that's something that will make Busted stay in my life.
Amy, 13, Edinburgh

I'm so gutted. I saw them in Manchester live. But now its all fallen down I'm also down. They were the best band ever
Harry, 10, Guernsey

I loved Busted's music, and Charlie was my favourite but now I blame him for the whole thing.
Sally, 12, Cambridge

Why has Charlie bust it up for the fans and the group? I was the biggest fan around I met them and everything why has he done it?
Jodie, 11, Birmingham

I can't believe Busted are gone. I was one of there biggest fans. It is such a shock. I can't believe I won't see them live again.
Niall, 12, Dublin

Too bad, I really like their songs. They just put you in a good mood!
Astra, 15, Belgium

I am so sad that Busted have split up. Charlie is my favourite person in the band
Alexandra, 7, Chessington

You are my favourite Band, me and my Brother will never ever forget you.
Jack, 7, Pontypridd

It still hasn't really hit me that Busted are really gone. Busted have always been there and I am not a massive fan but I luv Mcfly. If it weren't for James Mcfly might not be here now and I want 2 thank him for that. Good luck in the future lads! xxx
Gemma, 13, Cheshire

I loved busted and I wish they didn't split, even if Mattie and James just carry on and get a new member.
Rebecca, 10, Rochester

Yes!!!!! I am sooo glad they have split!!!! They were just a joke!
Tara, 13, Glenshee

Oh My God! I really didn't expect this to happen so soon! Because on Wednesday they said they were taking a break, and then two days later, they're splitting! They were the favourite band of our whole house! James, Matt and Charlie.... Good Luck and Best Wishes!
Sadia, 14, Manchester

I can't believe it, seriously gutted. I knew something like this would happen, but I never thought Charlie could be so selfish, just not thinking about James & Matt's feelings! But I wish them all the best of luck in the future, especially James, and they could go far if they wanted to on their own. We love you Busted!
Louise, 13, Birmingham

I think that it is good that finally a popstar isn't doing it for the money. Charlie is following his passion with an unheard of band. I wish luck to all of them.
Ben, 13, Irby

I will not miss Busted but I feel sorry for their loyal fans because they have so many. C YA Busted!!!!
Emily, 12, London

They had a good few years and it would be horrible for them to slowly die out as other music comes in. I wish them all the best in the future.
Michaela,13, Stafford

I think Matt and James should continue with Busted because two would be better than none.
Michaela, 13, Leysdown

I don't really care that busted have split up but I feel for the fans because I know if my fav band split up I would be upset. I also think that Charlie has been made to look like he's horrible but he's only following his heart and I think we should respect him for that.
Sinead, 14, Cheshire

How could busted split? I have stayed with them since the beginning and it is really sad that this is happening now but I wish them all the luck in the world!! Love ya guys !!XXXXXX
Nicole, 15, Luton

Why???????? is all I can say!!! I wish Charlie, Matt and James the best luck in the world!!
Katie, 12, Hertfordshire

I'm sad their time as Busted has been cut short, but I will always remember them, and make sure they are not forgotten. I say this with a heavy heart, but best of luck in the future boys. Never forget we will always remember you.
Sarah, 15, Dublin

Charlie has made a blunder! Real music has died. Busted WERE The Beatles for me.
Alex, 13, London

This can't be happening! Busted r over! I wish them the best of luck and James rules. I am sooo upset.
Nicola, 15, Hounslow

I suspected it would happen all along. In different interviews and television appearances the boys didn't seem as happy as they were when they first came onto the music scene. I never liked Busted so I will cope fine but I feel sorry for all the fans.
Maisy, 14, Southampton

I'm absolutely gutted. I thought they were only taking a temporary break. Say it's not true!
Katie, 12, Shrewsbury

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