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Last Updated: Tuesday August 23 2005 07:25 GMT

I play in a youth orchestra


Miranda plays in an orchestra and is performing at the Festival of British Youth Orchestras in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

In her report Miranda tells us what she enjoys about it.

"I love playing in an orchestra.

It's a great feeling to be part of a team.

And I think you progress so much as a musician listening to so many different instruments being played.

As part of the Festival of British Youth Orchestras we're performing in front of audiences for three weeks.

I really enjoy the performing side of it and it's nice to see the audience enjoying it.


I play the clarinet which I've been doing since I was 10.

Sometimes in the orchestra it can be embarrassing as it's very easy to make a squeaking sound when you play it.

But when that happens to me I look at the person sitting next to me and pretend that it's them!

Social group

I practice three to four hours a week which I enjoy so it doesn't feel like a drag.

And a lot of my friends are in the orchestra as well so it's a very social thing too.

I think if you want to play an instrument or study music you must really enjoy doing it, I think that's important.

I'd like to continue playing music but I don't think I want to do as it as career - I would actually like to be a journalist."

Miranda, 15, Edinburgh

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