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Last Updated: Thursday January 13 2005 17:24 GMT

I helped design a model race car

Press packer Matthew
Children across the UK have been taking part in a schools competition to design model racing cars.

Matthew was at the national final in London with his team from St Joseph's high school in Newport.

"Our team is called Atomic Jo's. We designed our car on a computer and it's taken about three months to design and make.


Each person has a different role. I was the team manager, we had a graphic designer, a design engineer and a resource manager but we didn't just stick to the roles - we all helped together.

Matthew carries out some final checks
Matthew carries out some final checks


The car is powered by carbon dioxide and has to work on the same principles as a full-sized racing car. It had to be as aerodynamic and sleek as possible.

Although they are only a few centimetres long they go really fast at speeds of up to 80mph.

We were being judged on presentation, design and on a time trial.

Award winning

Although we didn't win the race we did get the innovation award.

I enjoyed designing and looking into the engine of the car. It gave me a good insight into engineering and it could be a possible job for me in the future."

Matthew, 13, Newport

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