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Last Updated: Monday January 17 2005 18:33 GMT

Prince Harry - what do you think?

Newspaper with Prince Harry on the front page

Prince Harry has been photographed wearing a Nazi costume to a friend's birthday party.

Some people think that wearing a Nazi costume is offensive because the Nazis were responsible for killing millions of people during the Second World War.

Other people think that Prince Harry was just dressing up for a party and didn't mean to offend anyone.

But what do YOU think? Is his outfit offensive or was he just having fun?

E-mail us with your thoughts.

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Your Comments

I think that it was totally out of order especially as he is a member of the royal family. He should announce his apologies in front of the world on TV.
Becky, 11, Battle

The whole point is that it was fancy dress. If he'd been wearing it about the street then of course it would be completely stupid but fancy dress is generally something you would never be. Maybe he could have made a better choice, however people have done far worse and it isn't as if dressing like this reflects his views.
Gemma, 15, Maidenhead

I think it was a very stupid thing to do, especially as it's the 60th anniversary of Auschwitz in which millions of Jews died at the hand of the Nazis.
Kate, 15, Scortion

I don't find his costume amusing!
Olivia, 10, Coventry

I think that Prince Harry made a mistake, but he is only young. It was a party and just a bit of fun - can't the press leave him alone?
Sarah, 12, Bath

I really don't think he deserves all this hassle. He was just dressing up for a party, if anyone else did it, nothing would happen. But because he's a prince, he gets splashed all over the paper for it.
Louise, 14, Surrey

I think it was very untactful dressing up as a person who helped murder millions of innocent people during the second world war. He should definitely do more than just apologise.
Holly, 11, Morpeth

At 20, Harry should really know better. He can only expect to receive bad press after taking such foolish actions.
Katrina, 14, London

I think he knew what he was doing and did it for a joke, but no one's laughing. I think he was really silly to do it.
Kaci, 15, London

I think it is very stupid. It's offensive to many victims and sufferers of the war.
Joseph, 11, Wembley

Prince Harry is just a teenager like us, he sometimes makes mistakes like we do, the media should be less harsh on him.
Lucy, 14, Woodford

I think it's silly the way the press are going on about it. It's only a costume and if someone else wore it no one would bother to print it in the news.
Sarah, 14, Glasgow

I think that people should just leave it, he was just being like any other 20 year old. It's stupid seeing as he just wants to have fun like anyone else!
Rebecca, 13, Wellington

I think all this fuss is silly. It was just a costume. Prince Harry wasn't agreeing with the Nazis.
Ruth, 12, Perth

I think that we should all leave Harry alone. He is only 20 years old and although he is third in line to the throne he should be allowed to act as any other 20 year old does. If an ordinary person dressed up as a Nazi the papers wouldn't even bother to comment on it.
Beccy, 13, Watford

I think that what Prince Harry did was not a sensible idea. He should have thought about all those people who lost their lives in the war.
Nosheen, 12, U.S.A.

Why is there so much fuss about Prince Harry?!?! So what?! He went to a fancy dress party as a Nazi. OK, that's wrong, he shouldn't have done it. But any if any other 20 year old had done it, would it be on the front page of The Sun? No. Why the fuss?
Kate, 14, Aylesbury

Although it probably wasn't a good idea, if any other teenage boy did this nobody would care at all, nobody would even notice. It was a private party so why can't they just leave him alone?
Harriet, 13, Suffolk

I think people are making too much of a deal about it. He made a mistake, has apologised and now the public and press should let him move on.
Jo, 15, Manchester

It was a bit stupid considering what the Nazis did, but he didn't mean to offend anybody and there's no need for it to get out of hand.
Rebecca, 12, Fife

I think that it is very wrong. It is even more wrong when other kids cannot see how wrong it is. Many people were killed for horrible reasons. His family works to protect people and he should not promote a society that wished to kill people.
Jill, 12, Burlington

I do feel sorry for Harry. Being in the media constantly means he can't just have fun like his friends. However, he must have realised that it would be splashed all over the papers the next day, and that people would find it tasteless.
Zoe, 15, Plymouth

Prince Harry is supposed to set an example. Unfortunately, his behaviour is no example to anyone. He needs to remind himself of who he is and what he stands for in his role.
Laura, 15, Kent

I really don't see what all he fuss is about, I dressed up as Cinderella at a party once, that doesn't mean that if I had two ugly step-sisters I'd do everything for them!
Emma, 13, Reading

I believe that there shouldn't be such an issue with the costume. If you think about it, it was only a fancy dress! However, maybe he could have chosen something a bit better for the occasion!
Jennika, 13, Leicester

I think it was a really stupid and offensive thing to do, but at least he apologised and maybe we can forget it!
Vicki, 13, Oxfordshire

I think his costume was offensive because millions of people were killed during the Second World War. He should have thought twice about how people would respond.
Laura, 14, Birkhill

I know he dressed as a Nazi but he wasn't doing it on purpose, although it will offend millions of people, but the fact is he's only human. We make mistakes and we fix it now he's apologised so he fixed it.
Mahamud, 14, Watford

I think it was a really stupid thing to do. Didn't he think that some people would have found it offensive? I didn't know Prince Harry was that stupid.
Sean, 11, Glasgow

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