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Last Updated: Wednesday March 30 2005 10:00 GMT

Book review: Girls In Tears

Girls In Tears book cover

Jacqueline Wilson

Publication date
6 January 2005


The story

At the start of the book life is great for Ellie, boyfriend Russell's given her a ring and her very best friends in the world are going to be so happy for her.

But things never quite work out as simply as that and when Nadine mentions a guy she's got chatting to on the internet a row starts between them.

Things start to unravel fast and Ellie's tears of joy turn to tears of misery.

The characters

The main character is 13 year old Ellie and the book is all about her friendship with her two best friends Nadine who loves to dress like a Goth and Magda who all the boys fancy.

Ellie's boyfriend Russell and her dad, step mum Anna and her little brother Eggs are the other key character in her life.


Jacqueline's characters are really believable and Ellie's insecurities are spot on.

Any weak bits?
The true identity of Ellis, Nadine's online boyfriend is quite predictable but that doesn't detract from the fact it is a fun easy read.


Very! My head was so deep in the story I nearly missed my bus stop.

NR rating:

Have YOU read this book? Let us know your views.

I really enjoyed it because I have two best mates and we hang around in a three. It's a really good book to read if you're feeling down!
Jannat, 14, Preston

I LOVED this book, I am a big fan of the girls series by Jacqueline Wilson and this one is the best!
Jennie, 14, London

It was very good. I liked it very much. It was quite sad. I read it twice. It's enjoyable and interesting. I loved it.
Hana, 12, Belfast

I think that Jacqueline Wilson has thought really hard on writing this book and I LOVE it!
Charlotte, 11, Prees

It's too long but the story is good.
Steph, 12, Leyland

It was great but maybe not the best of Jacqueline Wilson's books. It captures the essence of teenage life and we can connect with the issues in the book.
Rachel, 14, Huddersfield

I have read this book twice now and still think it is excellent. And the thing about Jacqueline Wilson is that she writes really deeply and you can really think your the character. I think if you love Jacqueline Wilson as much as I do you will love this book.
Natasha, 11, Tonbridge

I have read Girls In Tears soo many times! I love this book because it's so real. Things that happen to Ellie, Magda and Nadine are things that me and my friends encounter. Usually when I stick myself into a good book it takes me time to come back into reality, but when I read this I was already in reality! It was actually, literally an amazing book!
Kathryn, 12, St Ives

I enjoyed reading the book, because I can relate to the problems the girls have, and it's funny too. However, I think Ellie is a little unconvincingly touchy about a lot of things. I also don't like her boyfriend Russell either! But it is very easy to get lost in it.
Sarah, 14, Essex

I LOVE this book you can so relate to how Ellie is feeling also if boys can't understand girls read the Girls in Love series and things will become clearer.
Niamh, 12, Ireland

It's rubbish. Life shouldn't just be based on love life. But I have to say many other of Jacqueline Wilson's books are very good. But my favourite read is a classical e.g. Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Little Princess.
Undleeb, 13, London-Stratford

Very good read - like the other books in the series. If you are a teenage girl you will understand the book especially well, and find it unputdownable. But even so, I would totally recommend it!
Soph, 13, London

It's a great book! My favourite character is Nadine! This book is very cool a must read for every body.
Sairah, 12, Chester

A brilliant story of a girl's real life trauma. Best book EVER!!
Megan, 11, Dagenham

This is a really moving and brilliant book. It has you laughing, crying and thinking a lot about the issues in it! Brill! A must read!!!
Kirsty, 13, Aberdeenshire

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