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Teachers: PSHE: Prejudice

Last Updated: Tuesday January 11 2005 17:53 GMT

England: PSHE

These are the guidelines for your area. The bold type indicates which content this lesson covers.

Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities

1 Pupils should be taught:

[A] Assess their strengths in relation to personality, work and leisure
[B] Respecting differences between people, developing their own sense of identity
[C] Recognise how others see them, give and receive constructive feedback
[D] Emotions associated with loss and change caused by death, divorce, separation and new family members
[E] Personal qualifications and skills, choices at key stage 4, the changing world of work
[F] Targets for key stage 4, seeking out help with career plans
[G] Influences on spending, managing personal money

Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle

2 Pupils should be taught:

[A] Physical and emotional changes that take place at puberty
[B] How to keep healthy, influences on health, including the media
[C] An appropriate balance between work, leisure and exercise can promote physical and mental health
[D] Facts, laws, school rules, about alcohol and tobacco, risks of drugs
[E] Relationships, reproduction, contraception, STDs, HIV and high-risk behaviours including early sexual activity
[F] Recognise and manage risk in lifestyles, environments and travel
[G] Pressure from others can threaten personal safety, developing effective ways of resisting pressures
[H] Basic emergency aid procedures

Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people

3 Pupils should be taught:

[A] Stereotyping, prejudice, bullying, racism and discrimination
[B] Empathising with people different from themselves
[C] The nature of friendship
[D] Cultural norms in society, lifestyles and relationships
[E] Changes in, and pressure on relationships with friends and family
[F] The role and importance of marriage in family relationships
[G] The role and feelings of parents and carers, the value of family life
[H] That goodwill is essential to positive relationships
[I] Negotiation within relationships, when and how to make compromises
[J] Resisting pressures to do wrong
[K] Communicating confidently with peers and adults

Breadth of opportunities

4. pupils should be taught 1,2 and 3 through opportunities to:

[A] Take responsibility
[B] Feel positive about themselves
[C] Participate
[D] Make real choices and decisions
[E] Meet and work with people
[F] Develop relationships
[G] Consider social and moral dilemmas
[H] Find information and advice
[I] Prepare for change

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