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Last Updated: Wednesday January 12 2005 08:17 GMT

Our lucky escape in Sri Lanka

The boys' resort was devastated
Brothers Charlie and George were on holiday with their mum in Sri Lanka when the tsunami struck.

The day had started peacefully. But then there was chaos.

Yesterday, Charlie told his amazing story. Today, George shares his incredible tale of survival.

"I was having a lie-in in our room. I suddenly heard banging on the door and screams. I stayed down. I didn't know what was happening, but I saw water on the floor.

Then the door was bashed in. I didn't know who it was, but then I saw it was mum's friend.


Mum came rushing up to me and said: 'Come on, you have to be brave.'

Many people lost their homes

We ran through a narrow corridor. My brother Charlie had fallen down on the floor. But we got out and saw one of our friends. She told us the way to go - it was up to a railway track.

There were lots of people lying down. Some of them were crying, probably because they had lost relatives. I felt sad for them.

Later, we went up to a temple. People were crying and praying. Some people were having treatment and drinking water.


I feel sad looking at all the homes that have been destroyed and washed away. It's not very nice.

When I went back to school, I had about 16 people crowding around me asking me if I was all right. Their eyes were like tennis balls when I told them what happened.

It made me realise how lucky we were."

George, 9, London

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