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Last Updated: Tuesday January 11 2005 08:47 GMT

How we survived tsunami disaster

This is the resort where the boys were staying
Brothers Charlie and George were on holiday with their mum in Sri Lanka when the tsunami struck.

The day had started peacefully. But then there was chaos.

Today, Charlie tells his amazing story. Check out our site tomorrow for George's incredible tale of survival.

"I woke up and wanted to go running, but our friends who were going running had already gone.


My godmother and her friends were going for a walk and they asked me to go with them. There weren't many people around and it was calm and sunny.

I walked for about 20 minutes, but I had a headache and decided to go back to the hotel with one of the group.

Damage in the boys' resort

I sat down on a deckchair. I saw my mum was having breakfast with some friends.

Then a wave came in and knocked all the deckchairs over. Another wave came in. It was stronger and came right up to my feet.

My mum said: 'Come on, Charlie - we have to go.' The waves were getting higher and more forceful.

We got inside. A big wave came up and smashed me against a door. I slipped and hurt my knee. There was a waiter behind me. He picked me up and took me down the corridor. I was screaming.


Mum got me out the building. We were looking for a safe place. We went through a smashed-in fence and ended up at a railway station.

I was concerned for all our friends. Luckily, they all survived.

The local people were really kind and looked after us, giving us drinks and fruit. We lost lots of stuff, but we were really lucky.

I really didn't think about anything at the time, though. I was puzzled. I thought I was still asleep and it was all a dream."

Charlie, 10, London

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