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Last Updated: Thursday August 18 2005 11:00 GMT

Penguin is Norwegian army Colonel

Nils Olav, penguin and soldier
A king penguin has been promoted to colonel-in-chief in the Norwegian army, after years of good service!

The bird, called Nils Olav, was made an honorary member of Royal Norwegian Guard in 1972, and has been rising through the ranks ever since.

Nils lives at Edinburgh Zoo, and was also presented with a penguin statue by the soldiers of his regiment, who are performing in the Military Tattoo.

The show features soldiers, sailors and airmen from around the world.

King Penguins have been at Edinburgh Zoo since they were first donated by a Norwegian family in 1913.

Nils was named after a young lieutenant called Nils Egelien, and King Olav, who was head of the Norwegian royals in 1972.

He was also given two medals - one to mark his new rank, and one for good service.

But because he's so small, he can only wear one of them at a time!

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