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Last Updated: Thursday August 18 2005 14:30 GMT

I played in a major golf final

Press Packer Ian

Press Packer Ian managed to get to the Grand Final of the 2005 Junior Golf Foundation Championships.

He faced tough competition from the other competitors but still managed to get one of the highest scores.

In his report he tells us how the competition went and why golf isn't as easy as it might look.

"I competed in the Grand Final of the Junior Golf Foundation Championships.

UK's biggest tournament

The Championship I took part in is the UK's biggest junior golf tournament.

Around 1,800 kids entered but only 100 managed to get to the grand final like me.

I've been playing golf for quite a while now and think it's a great game.

Tiger makes it look easy

Pros like Tiger Wood and Michelle Wie make golf look dead easy.

But although you only need one club, one ball and one hole, it's much harder than it looks.

People think that golf started in Scotland. I'm Scottish so I should be good at it!

Tough competition

It was a tough game.

It was a two-day competition and I was absolutely shattered by the end.

I came fifth out of 15 in the under-13s.

I also managed to get the highest score on the second day of play which I'm really pleased about!"

Ian, Perth

The full report will be on Newsround on Thursday, 18 August at 5.25pm.

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