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Last Updated: Sunday August 21 2005 10:22 GMT

My school has its own wristband

Press Packer Ciaran

Press Packer Ciaran's school is raising money for charity by selling their own wristband.

In his report he tells us about the charity wristband and why he thinks it's a great success.

"My school has its own charity wristband.

It's called the Hope Band because it stands for helping other people everywhere.

Most pupils at my school have one to show how much they care.

Band's design

Ciaran's Hope Band

The band is red and the letters are in white. It isn't made of rubber, it's a fabric feel and you just clip it on your wrist.

Each band costs 1.20.

Raising money

We also sell them to local schools to raise even more money.

We give the money we raise to all kinds of different charities like Make Poverty History.

Charity events

My school also puts on charity days.

We put on a dance day and also lots of football tournaments to raise money.

I will never stop selling the Hope Bands because I care for other people everywhere."

Ciaran, 13, West Midlands

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