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Last Updated: Wednesday August 17 2005 15:12 GMT

Competition to design new coins

Copper coins

How do you fancy having your art work seen by everyone in the UK every day?

That's what's on offer to the winner of a competition to find new designs for six of Britain's coins.

The Royal Mint want to update all the coins apart from the one and two pound coins, and say any entries should reflect modern Britain.

A spokesman said the winner could bag up to 30,000, as well as having their design on the back of the cash. For more info, go to

The designs will feature on the 'tails' side of the one to 50p coins, as the Queen's portrait will be on the 'heads' side.

The Royal Mint, who make our coins, say it might be a good idea to use designs based on heraldry from coats-of-arms, as these images have been used on coins for many years.

They also suggest looking at British plants and wildlife, as well as famous landmarks or great British achievements to get ideas.

This coin competition is now closed. Please don't send any entries.