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Last Updated: Wednesday August 17 2005 12:48 GMT

Millions of insects on the move

Praying Mantis
Millions of insects are on the move in London - but there's no need to panic - these wandering bugs are part of the Natural History Museum's refurbishment.

Around 28 million dead spiders and insects are being temporarily moved while their present home is demolished, to make way for their new dwelling.

The bugs move into a environmentally controlled building in 2008, to keep them safe against the effects of time.

The new Darwin Centre will also house 120 scientists researching insects.

Global collection

The bugs in the collection have been gathered for 300 years, and feature creepy-crawlies from around the world.

The insects range in size from the barely visible fairy fly, with a wingspan of 0.02cm to the world's largest moth, Thysania agrippina, with a wingspan of 30cm.

The largest specimen to move will be a 105 x 42cm hornet's nest from China.

The bugs will be housed in different parts of the museum or in a special warehouse in south London during the building work

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