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Last Updated: Friday August 19 2005 17:41 GMT

Who would you put on the UK walk of fame?

Nicole Kidman, who will be getting one of the first Uk stars
London is to have a 'walk of fame' where celebrities from the UK and Commonwealth will get their name written on a star on the pavement!

British TV presenters Ant and Dec and Australian actress Nicole Kidman are among the first to be honoured - but who would you choose to put on there?

Who do you think has made the biggest impact on the world of entertainment in the last 50 years?

Would you choose a film star, pop star, soap star - or someone else?

Tell us who YOU think deserves a star!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

I think Ewan McGregor and David Tennant, and any other cool Scottish dude! Bob Geldof and U2, they have just been so dedicated, and they make amazing music. And finally QUEEN, their songs are the best in the world!
Martha, 13, Bath

I would like to see Author C.S. Lewis honoured in the UK star list. He is the most famous of my country, and I am proud he was Belfast born. So as the writer of the Chronicles of Narnia I reckon C.S. Lewis is more than appropriate for the walk of fame.
Scott, 15, Belfast

I think Bob Geldof should go on the walk of fame because not only has he done loads and loads of work for charities, but he is also a really good musician and has made a big contribution to the world.
Rachel, 11, Essex

I think McFly simply because they are huge in England now and they are also the youngest band to get a number one since the Beatles. Also Bob Geldof for all his Live Aid thing.
Louise, 15, Wolverhampton

It would have to be a British celeb who has stayed true to their roots and not tried to be something they're not.
Emily, 15, Cardiff

I'd put Delta Goodrem on the "Walk of Fame" because she's beautiful, a great singer and shows strength to people who have cancer! She gives them hope!
Emmy, 15, New York

I would have all the CBBC presenters as well as all the cast of Neighbours, Casualty, Holby City and EastEnders because they are my fave telly programmes!!
Abbie, 11, St. Albans

I think that Rowan Atkinson deserves a star as he has done so much for British comedy as well as Comic Relief. If anyone deserves one he does!
Sarah, 15, Aberdeen

Sir Ian McKellen, becuase he is the best actor in the world.
Becca, 14, Aylesbury

I would put on J.K. Rowling because she has the largest selling of popular adult and children's books called Harry Potter.
Dana, 9, Barking

I would put great British sports people on the walk of fame such as David Beckham or Kelly Holmes.
Catherine, 15, Forest Hill

I would choose to put Catherine Zeta Jones on it as I think she is a truly great actress!
Sian, 13, Swansea

Will Young - he won Pop Idol, has won numerous awards, has a lot of hit singles and albums and now he has a film coming out in November.
Lydia, 15, Northants

I would put a British actor because it is a UK walk of fame like Kiera Knightley because she is great and she is well known from the UK.
Jennie, 15, Daventry

Kylie Minouge. I'm not a fan of her, but she deserves it.
Jodie, 11, Yorkshire

Definitely Chistopher Ecclestone and Bille Piper!
Rachel, 8, Birmingham

I think Lindsay Lohan should have her name on the pavement because she is a great singer and actress.
Stephanie, 8, Friern Barnet

The Beatles should definitely get a star!! But I'd also like to see Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper on the "Walk of Fame"!
Katie, 13, Canada

I'd put Kelly Holmes or Paula Radcliffe on because they're really good athletes and deserve more recognition than just when there are the Olympics.
Ann, 14, Birmingham

I would put the Miller family from EastEnders on the "Walk Of Fame" because they are the best soap family EastEnders has ever seen!!
Maimuna, 12, London

Jennifer Aniston. Not only is she a fantastic actress but she's a real inspiration and she's been through so much!
Han, 13, Hailsham

I'll definitely put Daniel Radcliffe on the walk of fame, he's really talented for a sixteen year old and of course he's from London!
Michaela, 14, London

I think Bono and the rest of U2 should go on because of their work with Make Poverty History.
Alan, 14, London

I would put Kate Winslet and Emma Watson because they're both great actresses
Colleen, 13, Gourock

I think J.K Rowling should get a star 'cause of the magic she brought to so many all over the world and because of the amazing world she created that captured the hearts and minds of the nation. I believe her to be a living legend
Agnes, 14, Sheffield

Jamie Oliver should get one - saving all those kids from the terror of school dinners!
Harriet, 14, Salisbury

I think that Green Day should have a star because they have tried so hard to get where they are today and they deserve to be recognised as the best band there is!!!
Caroline, 15, Isle of Sheppey

Orlando Bloom! Because he's a great actor and person.
Lou, 15, Woking

I would like a star to go to Johnny Depp because he is good at actor and funny! He is the best!
Sarah, 15, Sheffield

McFly because they've done so much for charity and they're a great band. Also Bob Geldof definitely deserves one for all his Live Aid work.
Kristiana, 13, London

I would like a star to go to either Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, or Rupert Grint, because I think they are brilliant actors and they make the Harry Potter films come to life.
Jessie, 15, Ashford

I think that Bob Geldof should get his name on a star, because of his amazing music, and his way of entertaining people, while also helping good causes.
Isla, 11, Cambs

I think Pierce Brosnan should get a star because he is a fantastic actor and has done a lot for the James Bond movies.
Jane, 15, Carrickfergus

I would like a star to go to Charlotte Church because she's such an amazing singer at opera and pop.
Danny, 13, Leeds

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