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Last Updated: Saturday January 08 2005 13:54 GMT

Fan in five-month Star Wars queue

Revenge of the Sith is out on 17 May
Everyone gets a little too excited at times about films or books coming out and some people like to queue for them.

But most fans turn up at a shop or a cinema a couple of hours before the film starts or the book goes on sale.

However, one Star Wars fan in the US is taking things much, much further, as he is already queuing up to see Episode III, five months before it comes out.

Jeff Twieten started his long wait to see the film on 1 January and plans to be there until it opens on 17 May.

It's not the first time Jeff has chosen to show his devotion to Star Wars by queuing to see it.

In 1999 he and another fan spent a similar amount of time outside the same cinema waiting for the first of the prequel trilogy, The Phantom Menace.

But there could be one major problem for the super-keen fan.

As yet, he's not actually sure if the cinema in Seattle he is queuing outside will even be showing the film!

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