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Last Updated: Sunday January 09 2005 14:07 GMT

How has your school handled the tsunami?

Teacher and pupils finding Thailand on a map

Pictures of the South East Asian tsunami have dominated our TV screens and newspapers since Boxing Day.

It can be difficult to explain how or why natural disasters like this happen, especially when so many lives are lost.

Has your school helped you understand how the tsunami started?

Maybe you've had special lessons to discuss your worries and to decide how you can help?

Perhaps your school took part in the three-minute silence to remember the victims and survivors of the tsunami?

Or maybe your teachers have talked about the tsunami in assembly?

Email and let us know.

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Your Comments

Our school has handled the Tsunami very well. Most of us have seen the pictures of the Tsunami on the news and we think it's terrible. We had three minutes silence like the rest of the world.
Daniel (10), Liam (11), Scunthorpe

In my school we had a three minute silence. All of Year 6 are also setting up a fete in our hall. I think we should raise around 50 if everyone spends at least 1, it may not sound a lot but it can make a massive difference!! Well done to every one else who is helping raise money for the tsunami!!!!!!!
Heidi, 10, London

My school is making a banner with a few other schools. Each school gets a piece of coloured cloth to use. Then the children from each school write something like 'we are thinking about you' or paint some thing. When all the schools have finished we take all the cloths and then stitch them together to make a rainbow.
Emma, 11, Keswick

My school is having a no snack day, where we don't have our snack at break time and give the money we would have spent on it to the Tsunami appeal. appeal.
Fiona, 11, Aberdeenshire

My family and I have had a bring and buy sale yesterday and raised 492.59. I'm really chuffed and hope it will help a lot of people who are suffering there.
Becca, 13, Bangor

Our school is sending letters of hope to all of the survivors. I think it will help.
Carly, 10, Sharon

Our school is having a non-uniform day to raise money for the Tsunami disaster.
Daniel, 10, Scunthorpe

Our school in Cullercoats is holding cake sales and many more events to help raise money for the tsunami. We're hoping to raise at least 1000 or more as the crisis is so shocking.
Derry, 11, Newcastle

I think it is a very bad thing that happened and our school is trying the best we can to help raise money. Me and my friend Emily are going to walk 10 miles to try and help raise money.
Hayley, 12, Gloucestershire

At my school we were doing a 12 hour musathon to raise money for the music department but now we're giving the money to the tsunami disaster. Last year we raised thousands of pounds from it so if we raise the same this time we can donate a lot of money.
Nicky, 15, Handforth

Our school had a two minute silence and we're all going to bring something from home and we are going to have a sale where all the money raised will be donated to South East Asia. I hope it all goes well.
Rabia, 11, Potters Bar

Our school donated 473 which we are sending to Sri Lanka. The other day we had a 3 minute silence as a mark of respect for the victims of the tragedy. We have also made a poster explaining about the tsunami which we have put up in the hall.
Hannah, 9, Scunthorpe

Our school had a three minute silence and when we first started the three minute silence I looked out of the window and all the traffic had stopped. We also wrote prayers for all the countries that were hit by the waves.
Chelsea, 10, Manchester

The children in my grandma's village were doing a toy sale and I donated my old bike and a pony set. My school is having a non-uniform day too.
Hannah, 10, Leighton Buzzard

My school are holding a cake, toy and book sale to raise money for the tsunami. appeal
Hannah, 9, Bath

Our school is holding a non uniform day. We can go into school in casual clothes.
Harry, 11, Horndon

My school had the three minutes silence and we are also collecting money for the tsunami.
Jessica, 12, London

My school is holding a prayer service and at the service we are collecting money to send to Thailand and Sri Lanka. A lot of people know friends who died so it means much more than just sending money to people you don't really have a connection to. It means a lot to us.
Eleanor, 11, Tokyo

My school have been collecting money for the tsunami aid you pay 50p or more to write a wish on a paper leave and stick it on a tree, I gave 10 and I got to write out 20 wishes :)
Haytham, 10, London

Our school is collecting money to help raise funds to rebuild schools in the areas affected by the tsunami. We have also held a silence in assembly for all those who died and those who lost everything.
Corinne, 11, Leeds

My school haven't done anything and I find it really annoying because everyone wants to do it!
Kate, 11, Heswall

We did two minutes silence in my class and we are doing a non-school uniform day on Monday and all the money will go to the fund.
Terri, 12, Winsford

We took part in the three minute silence and in our form room we are putting up a special prayer board.
Amy, 12, Hastings

My school had an own clothes day and a cake stall. We raised 1000.
Ceri, 13, Aberystwyth

My school has got a tin in each class that people can put as much money in as they want to and they are going to send it off to help the people rebuild the town and feed them.
Megan and Ruby, 10, Blackpool

Our school is raising money for the tsunami by having a cake/book sale on Monday 10th January. The head teacher told us about it and we had a three-minute silence. Please get better, south Asia!
Bethan, 10, Mellor

Our school hasn't done anything and I wish they did have cos it isn't fair on the people who can't go to school in Sri Lanka!
Rosie, 14, Aberdeen

Everyone at my school is going to bring in a pound, every day for a week - It's a big school!!
Joanna, 11, Edinburgh

My teacher has made up a quiz all about tsunamis and if u wanted one you had to pay twenty pence. We are also having a non-uniform day where people have to pay one pound and the pound goes to help people who have been worst affected.
Emma, 10, Darlington

My school are holding a lot of events to raise money. We have already raised nearly 2000; there is many more events to do. We also did a three minutes silence, and in music we wrote a song about it!
Jessica, 13, Jersey

In my school we have talked about the tsunami in assembly. Four people have been lost around my area. I wonder if they will come back?
Logan, 10, York

My school have all brought money in and we have raised 400. I can't believe what has happened.
Ellie, 9, Southport

We've been learning how they start and on Friday we had a Special Assembly. We also had Non-uniform day and we raised over 500 with people's donations.
Millie, 9, Bath

We have been collecting money every break and lunchtime for Sri Lanka. We also took part in the three minute silence that the rest of Europe did.
Natalie, 14, Sutton

My school had a collection last Thursday and Friday. Apparently if every pupil brings in a pound and all the teachers give in 5, we could raise over a 1000! I know it's not much, but it's a start! If everyone in the UK did it, then we could raise about a 56,000,000!
Kate, 13, Belfast

Our school hasn't done anything! I am really angry. We didn't even stop for 3 minutes! No one has mentioned it at all. It's sad when you can't get involved.
Morgan, 11, Edinburgh

our school is getting people to sponsor us for a 1 mile walk we are doing, all the money is going to the tsunami.
Rowan, 10, Hampshire

At our school we did a special geography lesson on the tsunami and we are having a non-uniform day on Tuesday to raise money to go towards aid for the victims.
Rachel, 11, Leamington Spa

A school in Bath has invited 18 other schools to take part in a massive concert with school bands and such to raise money, and our tutor is planning a curry night. We are also having collections at our school production. But we haven't done anything in lessons on it and we only had a one minute silence which I think is almost disrespectful.
Martha, 13, Bath

Our school is having a special assembly and we are also having a talent show and on the same day we are having a no uniform day we hope we raise a lot for the victims.
Abbey, 11, Barnsley

Our school are collecting money by sponsored stuff e.g. silence. But it's not only our school, our area is having a charity bazaar on Sunday and children are making stuff and selling it.
Sumaiyah, 10, Leicester

My school are going to collect money for the victims, we have the 3 minutes silence on Wednesday we are also learning about earthquakes in school.
Tommy, 12, Abergavenny

I'm doing a sponsored silence to raise money for the tsunami disaster. Wish me luck!
Bex, 11, Ipswich

We're not back at school yet!!! (Lucky us) but me and my sister are planning on holding a jumble sale for the victims.
Kate, 12, Nottingham

At my primary school we have held a collection this week of money. We have already raised over 1,000. We are also collecting sheets, men's shirts and pots and pans over January. We already have enough to fill the library!
Jack, 7, Sanderstead

My school has had a collection bucket by the canteens and outside the senior staffs offices. We also had a 3 minute silence and a girl in my year is selling lollies at break. I've already bought 10 lollies and put 70p in the collection buckets.
Hannah, 13, Manchester

We were doing tsunamis and earthquakes before Christmas so we've been doing it in detail, and talking about it. We also joined in the 3 minutes silence.
Tom, 14, Epsom

What we are doing is everybody in the school is somehow making some money. What I am doing is setting up a drinks stall with my friend Erik.
Harry, 9, Barnes

My school does a yearly "30 Hour Famine" and we raise money for poor kids. This year, all the extra money we get from sponsors will go to tsunami victims. My friends and I set up a bake sale and sold goodies for the sake of the tsunami people- we raised a meagre 75 pds, though it's not much, we hope we can help. I'm trying to get into some volunteer organization so I can help over the summer (when I turn 16).
Arna, 15, Taiwan

Lots of people in are school have been sad. In geography we are writing about it. In our school we are raising money for Sri Lanka by doing a cake stall and we have be praying for all the people who died.
James, 9, Wantage

Our school has joined up with our Rotary Club to raise money for Aqua Boxes and tents, so far we have raised 30,000. We also did the nation wide 3 minutes silence at 12'o clock for the tsunami victims.
Becky, 11, Oswetry

We raised 900 today just through none-uniform! And we've got activities planned all the way into February to raise more money, as well as organising boxes of supplies to be sent out.
Saffron, 15, Doncaster

We had a 3 minute silence, we've had people going round with buckets at lunch time, we've raised about 400 in 4 days, and we're having a collection of food and clothes to be sent to Asia from Swindon.
Rosie, 15, Didcot

In our RE lessons we have written poems and prayers, and made posters for the tsunami victims. We remembered them when we had a special mass and a three minute silence on the 6th.
Charlotte, 11, Sunderland

Everyone's paying up, and we had a 3 minute silence as well. We had a special assembly where the teacher talked about everything. And all my teachers have somehow got the tsunami into every lesson to make us remember that people are suffering. The school has raised loads.
Hannan, 14, Newcastle

At the moment, myself and some other people in my year, which is 11, are organising a multi-cultural week and all the money we raise will go to the Tsunami fund. We really want to help the people affected and my school are really willing to help!
Kitty, 15, Luton

We are having a bring and buy sale at our school and a non uniform day to raise some money.
Jess, 11, Chelmsford

My school has a charity collection every Friday, and today there was a collection for the earthquake appeal, and we all gave generously.
Navpreet, 11, Gillingham

There's going to be a weekly collection to help raise money for the people affected by the tsunami.
Laura, 13, London

My school did a 3 minute silence at midday on Wednesday 5th January, to think about all the people who lost their lives, and those who were lucky enough to survive, who had lost their family, their home, their jobs everything they have except the clothes they are wearing. We are meant to be taking money in as well, but we haven't done that yet. I feel really sorry for everyone in the countries which have been hit. My form tutor was in one of the countries involved in the tsunami, and I'm glad that she wasn't hurt 'cos she's really nice!
Natasha, 13, Liverpool

We've been learning about tsunamis in our geography lesson and we've also had a special assembly to remember the victims and survivors.
Neil, 14, Nottingham

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