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Last Updated: Friday January 07 2005 17:58 GMT

Lessons to protect you from crime

Anonymous children
With thousands of you getting new mobiles and MP3 players for Christmas it's important to know how to keep you and your property safe.

Street crime is higher in January, so to stop children becoming victims, the government has come up with a series of lessons in personal safety.

The lesson packs will be sent to 600 schools across England and Wales.

The assemblies and classes for 10-14 year olds will concentrate on personal safety and street crime.

Amir Khan
Looks like Amir's swapped boxing for crime fighting

Pupils will be given tips on how to stay safe including suggestions to keep bags and wallets zipped up and not to text while walking down the street.

Olympic support

The scheme was launched with a special assembly at the Burnage High School in Manchester. Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan, who is supporting the campaign, said he was "very happy" to be involved.

Tips on how to stay safe
Don't walk and text
Keep valuables out of sight
Do up bags, wallets and purses
Don't keep valuables together
Plan journeys to try to travel with others
Be alert and aware of your surroundings

"It's important to help young people avoid becoming victims of robbery and to deter potential offenders," the boxer added.

Andrew, 14, who attended the assembly, says he does worry about crime and thinks the lessons are a good idea as "a little extra help doesn't hurt".

Dominic thinks many children are very naive about personal safety
Dominic thinks children are naive

But Dominic, 13, said: "Some kids act naive and walk around with their valuables like their mobile phones and chains hanging out."

Fall in street crime

The lessons will begin on Monday, 10 January, as part of SAFE week which runs until 14 January and will involve workshops designed by teachers, police and experts from crimestoppers.

Street crime has fallen dramatically since 1997 and it's hoped the lessons will reduce it even further.

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