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Last Updated: Thursday January 06 2005 17:54 GMT

Tsunami: How you are helping

An Indian man holding his three-year old son
Thousands of you have been busy fundraising to help the victims of the Boxing Day tsunami.

You've all been shocked by this natural disaster and are doing all you can to help.

The message boards have been full of your thoughts and reactions to the earthquake.

We've also received thousands of emails from you explaining how you've raised money and why you think it's so important to get involved.

Raising money

How to help
If you want to help, talk to your parents first
The website for the Disasters Emergency Committee is
The telephone number is 0870 60 60 900
Cash or cheques can be donated at Post Office branches
Cheques should be made payable to: DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal
Postal address: DEC, PO Box 999, London EC3A 3AA

You've been raising money in lots of different ways. Amy from Hereford wrote in to say that she's going to do a ten mile walk with her mates to raise money.

She says: "It might be a small thing that we are doing but hopefully if more people send money or help then it might make a difference. It's so awful and I can't just sit here."

Jess from Liverpool wrote in to say how impressed she was with fundraising in the UK: "I am very proud of the British public for their generous donations to help the people affected by the Asian earthquakes"

Elephants clear an area destroyed by the tsunami in Indonesia.

Lucky escapes

Others of you have written in to explain how the tsunami has affected people you know. Some of you had family and friends living in South East Asia when the tsunami hit.

Wiam from Sheffield says: "It's really terrible what's happened. My family were extremely worried because my auntie was in Thailand on the same day it hit. But thank god she was one of the lucky ones. She's safely back now."

Keshara, 10, from Croydon knew a lot of people in Sri Lanka, one of the worst affected areas: "I feel very sorry for the people who died, particularly as I come from Sri Lanka. Sadly some of my friends and relatives died from the tsunami, so we are sending lots of money. I hope nature doesn't do this to the world again."

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