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Last Updated: Thursday January 06 2005 10:25 GMT

Worksheet: They said it

Which of these statements do you relate to?

I am shocked that such a thing has happened. We should be grateful for not being in that kind of situation. I hope that the world will reunite and stop fighting because of it.
Afsana, 12, Bolton

It's terrible. Although I am not upset by it because it does not affect me, it must be terrible for the families of those who are missing.
Maisy, 14, Southampton

I am going to donate all my Christmas money.
Francine, 10, Newcastle

I feel deeply saddened by what has happened but I am also angry that places north of the epicentre weren't warned of the tsunamis. The waves struck 4 hours after the original earthquake and many people could have been saved.
Naomi, 15, Cheltenham

The earthquake has got to me, and all those families who have lost their lives and property. The holiday trade and it's economy is ruined, how terrible it must be for the people living there.
Alex, 10, Barnsley

It is just so horrible. This story really hit home for me, because I visited some of the countries that were hit. One video clip I saw was at a hotel that I stayed at! It's just so scary and sad. I'm praying for the victims who lost loved ones, and everyone affected by this horrible incident.
Tina, 16, USA

I think that as Band Aid 20 has had such a massive income, they should give half of the proceeds to help survivors and victims of this terrible event.
Adam, 12, Newbury

It's like the stuff you see in films, not something you really think could happen in your lifetime. But this terrible event proves that this stuff is happening now and we can't predict what nature can do. I feel for everyone who has been affected by this. My heart goes out to them.
Annie, 15, Sheffield


  • Are there any statements here that everyone in your class agrees with?

  • After reading these comments, what are you thinking? What are the big questions to ask?

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