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Last Updated: Thursday January 06 2005 09:46 GMT

Worksheet: The impact of the Tsunami

The water pulls back to the sea exposing 300 metres of beach which had been covered by the ocean. (Photo: DigitalGlobe)
It is estimated that around 150,000 people have been killed by the Tsunami and around 50,000 of these are children.

Survivors are also affected. They have lost everything and they desperately need food, medicine, shelter and clean water.

If they don't get these, charities say that more people could die from disease than from the tsunami.

Impact on countries hit by the tsunami

In Indonesia, 95,500 are dead or missing and half a million peope are affected.

In Sri Lanka, 50, 000 are dead or missing and over 1 million people are affected.

In India, 16,700 are dead or missing and 3.5 milion are affected.

In the Maldives, 120 are dead or missing and 100,000 people are affected.

In Thailand, 5,000 people are dead or missing.

In Myanmar, 110 people are dead or missing.

In Malaysia, 95 people are dead or missing.

In Somalia, 176 are dead or missing and between 15,000 and 30,000 people are affected.

Impact on visitors

Seven people from Austria are dead and 468 are missing.

40 people from Britain are dead and 159 are missing.

Six people from Belgium are dead and 215 are missing.

Seven people from Denmark are dead and 69 are missing.

14 people from Finland are dead and 183 are missing.

22 people from France are dead and 99 are missing.

60 people from Germany are dead and 1,000 are missing.

18 people from Italy are dead and 500 are missing.

16 people from Norway are dead and 150 are missing.

52 people from Sweden are dead and 2,322 are missing.

16 people from Switzerland are dead and 570 are missing.

Source: DfID Situation Report, 4 Jan

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