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Last Updated: Wednesday January 05 2005 13:59 GMT

Hotseat: Charity worker Rosie Jordan

Rosie Jordan from Save the Children - one of the charities helping deal with the tsunami disaster - took part in a live webchat on the Newsround Global and Environmental message board to answer your questions about the aid efforts.

Here's some of your questions which Rosie answered during the webchat.

Rosie - Save the Children: Hi! I'm Rosie from Save the Children. I'm here to answer any questions.

kangaroopoo: how do we no if the money we give is definitely going 2 the cause we want?

Rosie - Save the Children: If you send your money to the DEC or through charity appeals then the money will go to these people.

batgirlc100: I watched that BBC special about the tsunami.....

I watched it and now im definitely going to donate. the hospitals have no anaesthetic.......they have to perform operations while the patients are still awake!>shudders<

they also showed you a woman crying for her children who had been swept away....and then they said "we only left the hospital for 10 minutes, but when we returned, this woman was dead".

:'-( it was heartbreaking......all the little kids screaming for their parents :'-( :'-( :'-(

Rosie - Save the Children: lots of parent have lost their children and Save the Children are working to re-locate families. We have brought many families together already.

i: ne1 else addicted 2 news @ the mo?

I can't believe that waves can cause so much damage and can kill so many people! i really want my school 2 do a fundraiser 2 raise money but i don't no if they will! i hope things get better asap! im totally addicted 2 watching sky news etc. to find out wot is goin on! is ne1 else addicted 2 the news @ the moment?

* Maiar Princess_of_Thieves * - I'm not watching the news. I can't...

Rosie - Save The Children: The best thing to do is fundraising. These children really need money so we can buy food and clean water. Maybe a bring and buy, a book stall....

*?*Cute Christmas Devil*?*: i can't turn it off! it's so horrible but you just want to find out more and how much money is being raised etc. along the bottom of the screen (if you're watching sky) are all the messages from people from the affected areas, saying that they're ok, it's tragic.

fluffydevil: Not really. I mean, it's a terrible event and people deserve to know what's going on in their world, but the news is turning it into one of those things where they don't treat it like these people have died - they're just treating it as something so they can get more coverage and viewers.

GrtFan0fPttrrd0fThRng : I still can't believe it! More than 150 000 people dead, it's awful!:''(

Rosie - Save the Children: It is awful but now we must support the survivors and make sure no-one else dies...we are working round the clock to get food, water and shelter to the affected areas.

GrtFan0fPttrrd0fThRng - To Rosie: How long (about) should it take to rebuild the houses of all the homeless people?

Rosie - Save The Children: It will take years to get things back to how they were but Save the Children and other charities are already looking at the long-term and what we need to do to start getting normality back to the children's lives....getting their schools re-built etc. It will take a long time.

GrtFan0fPttrrd0fThRng : To Rosie - OMG! How sad, when I think that some of us complain about going to school, and the food at the canteen and...:'(

dudie14: wat about me, im goin 2 Sri Lanka in February on the west side in Negombo wat do i need 2 know?

Rosie - Save The Children: The west coast isn't so badly affected. It's good to go out there - tourism is really important for these countries' economy..

* Maiar Princess_of_Thieves * : But wouldn't tourists use up more of the supplies? I know they'll take some of their own stuff if they can, but they'll still be using what is there.

GrtFan0fPttrrd0fThRng : 2Rosie: Who did you contact when you wanted to work in charities etc... did you need some kind of exam...I'd luv to do a job to help people like this.

Rosie: Save the Children: I work in the press office at Save the Children making sure everyone knows about the work we do....log on the web site and you will see what jobs there are at Save the Children and exams you will need....Save the Children is really fun to work for....I love it.

Rosie - Save the Children: Thanks for all your messages. Keep fundraising! Rosie

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