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Last Updated: Friday August 12 2005 15:50 GMT

I tried the new eco surfboard!

Press Packer Seb

Press Packer Seb is a keen surfer but he's worried about protecting the sea and the natural environment.

He tried out a new eco board which is made out of waste from environmentally friendly materials like wood and potato peelings!

In his report he tells us what he thought of the new board.

"I love surfing and I try to get out on the water every day.

But surfing isn't as green as it could be.

Surfboards are made from loads of artificial materials so when I'm done with my board it will take centuries to rot away.

Surfers go green!

But now there's a choice. There's a brand new board that's made of natural materials.

When I've finished with it, it will rot away naturally.

You can chop it up and put it on the compost heap.

The surfboard is wicked

Some professional surfers think it's a bit too heavy but I reckon this new board is wicked."

Seb, 12, Cornwall

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