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Last Updated: Tuesday January 04 2005 15:27 GMT

Quiz: Earthquakes


Question 1

What scale is used to measure earthquakes?

A: Fishy Scale
B: Richter Scale
C: Bathroom Scale

Question 2

What is the centre of an earthquake called?

A: Epicentre
B: Corecentral
C: Shakecentre

Question 3

What are the plates underneath the Earth's crust called?

A: Dinner plates
B: Planetary plates
C: Tectonic plates

Question 4

An earthquake on Boxing Day 2004 in the Indian Ocean was the biggest for how many years?

A: 20
B: 40
C: 80

Question 5

What causes earthquakes?

A: Plates rubbing together
B: Meteorites hitting Earth
C: A build-up of lava

Question 6

When earthquakes happen at sea they can make giant waves called what?

A: Shoreshakers
B: Tsunamis
C: Oceanamis

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