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Last Updated: Tuesday January 04 2005 08:48 GMT

I think we should have more hours of school

At school
School starts again for everyone this week after the Christmas holidays.

But Alisha thinks the school day should be longer:

"In my school we are only getting six hours of education.

But I feel that we should be getting more in primary school.

Most pupils don't like school and neither do I - but I think that school is important, especially us young primary students. As our minds are just getting into action.

Ditch the breaks!

I also think that we get too much playtime (we have three breaks!).

We only need two breaks - a lunch break and morning break (but I think morning breaks are useless.)

I also think that we spend too much time writing than learning. Half the time in my school we have aching hands because our teacher is making us write a lot.

Eight hour days?

To be honest I think that we should be getting at least eight hours of learning and one hour of break.

But then in high school we should only get five and a half hours of learning and two hours of break as the work gets harder.

This is just my opinion. What do you think? More primary hours and less secondary hours?"

Alisha, 11, Manchester

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