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Last Updated: Thursday August 11 2005 16:16 GMT

My house was struck by a tornado

Tornado damage

In July 2005 a powerful tornado ripped through parts of Birmingham.

Press Packer Rohsheen's house was damaged in the storm, and here she reports what it's like to be home again.

"Last month my house was hit by a huge tornado. The damage was so bad, we were only allowed back inside the building.

When we first got home everything was a mess. Most of the windows were smashed and there was a lot of glass on the floor. Loads of tiles were blown off the roof and for ages it wasn't safe.

I was in my brother's room when it all happened. The room went dark - and the window cracked. Then there was a horrible noise coming from the loft. It was really scary.

Repairs to cost millions

The tornado only lasted a few minutes but it was one of the worst the UK has ever seen.

Hundreds of homes and shops were damaged. And experts reckon it will cost 25 million to fix everything.

We're lucky because we're back at home now.

But some people's houses are so badly damaged they might have to be knocked down."

Rohsheen, 11, Birmingham

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