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Last Updated: Thursday August 11 2005 12:40 GMT

Giant man declared naturally tall

Bao Xishun is 2.3m tall
A Chinese man who is an incredible 2.3 metres high has been named the world's tallest naturally-growing human.

Some very tall people grow so much because they have a medical condition, but Bao Xishun is just naturally tall, the Guinness Book of Records said.

Bao, 54, is now a bit of a celebrity in China after appearing on TV there, but he's not too keen on it all.

"I do not like people looking at me like they're watching a strange animal," he said.

Bao was the same size as other kids until the age of 16, then he grew fast and reached his current height at the age of 23.

He was taken on by a basketball team for three years, but eventually left because he wasn't as fast as the other players.

Clothes and shoes

He moved back to his home, a remote part of China in Inner Mongolia, and he now lives there happily with his parents, working as a shepherd.

The main problem Bao has is getting clothes and shoes to fit him. The suit he wore for the Guinness Book of Records ceremony was specially-made using a piece of cloth which was 10 metres long!

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