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Last Updated: Thursday August 11 2005 13:04 GMT

Worksheet: Boy, 10, writes own book trilogy

Michael Purkiss, 10, has written a book
A 10-year-old boy is spending his summer holidays composing his third novel, now that his first book has been published and nominated for a prize.

Michael Purkiss wrote Corydon and the Island of Monsters with his mum, and now it's on the extended list for the Ottaker's Children's Book prize.

It's part one of a trilogy, and he's already working on the concluding part.

But modest Michael said: "Lots of children write books, I was only lucky to have mine published."

Michael devised most of the ideas for the book, and his mum, Diane Purkiss, typed them up, sometimes throwing in a few ideas of her own. His mum is a Don at Oxford University - one of the best colleges in the country.

Michael said his book should capture the imagination of children of about eight and above, and he said it was a mixed novel.

He added that it was poignant in some places, exciting in others, and humorous in parts.

"It's a general all-rounder book," he said. "This is the kind of book that I like to read."

As well as the long list for the prize, an American publishers actually purchased the book without even realising it was written by a child!

Once he's finished writing the third book, Michael doesn't plan to stop there. He said he'd love to see his books translated into a computer game and even a Hollywood movie.


Write down a simpler synonym for each of the bold words:

  • composing
  • nominated
  • extended
  • concluding
  • devised
  • Don
  • capture the imagination of
  • poignant
  • humorous
  • purchased
  • translated

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