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Last Updated: Tuesday July 03 2007 10:09 GMT

Food crisis

Millions of children in Africa are so hungry they are at risk of getting ill through disease.

Droughts, floods, poverty and problems in government often lead to food shortages in African countries.

Diseases like HIV and Aids add to the problem, as many children lose parents when they are young.

This means they have to look after younger brothers and sisters and find food for the family.

If parents die when the children are very young, they may not have learnt the skills they need to farm food.

Also, people who could be farming land are often at home caring for those who are sick.

It's estimated that at least 203.5 million people living in Africa are undernourished.

This means they are not getting enough food to make sure their bodies are strong enough to fight off infections.

Millions of children live on one meal a day.

Countries regularly facing food shortages include Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Ethiopia.

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