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Last Updated: Thursday June 23 2005 16:19 GMT

Scout survives wilderness ordeal

Brennan Hawkins, his mother Jody, left, and his sister Mariah
An American boy who got separated from his scout group wandered through the wilderness for four days because he didn't want to talk to strangers.

Brennan Hawkins, 11, ducked out of the way when he saw people coming, unaware that they were looking for him.

He had gone to the mountains near Salt Lake City in Utah for a camping trip.

He was eventually spotted by a local man. Brennan was muddy and wet but the man gave him some food and then took him to be reunited with his family.

Brennan's family think he was following his parents' advice about stranger danger.

They said his ordeal hadn't changed him. In fact, one of the first questions he asked was whether some Pokemon cards he had ordered had come through.


Warm weather conditions helped Brennan to survive while he was lost. But as soon as he was rescued, it started raining.

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