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Last Updated: Friday December 24 2004 11:11 GMT

Are you an environment expert?

A reservoir

Question 1

How many glass bottles and jars do we use each year?

A: 1 billion
B: 4 billion
C: 6 billion

Question 2

How many double-decker buses would be filled up by the amount of waste paper we bury in a year?

A: 52,050
B: 103,448
C: 249,275

Question 3

How big would the forest need to be if we grew all the trees we need for paper in Britain?

A: As big as Wales
B: As big as Scotland
C: As big as Italy

Question 4

How many nappies does an average child use in its lifetime?

A: 3,870
B: 5,850
C: 7,515

Question 5

Enough rubbish is produced in Britain at Christmas to fill how many double-decker buses?

A: 200,000
B: 400,000
C: 600,000

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