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Last Updated: Friday December 24 2004 17:14 GMT

Your reaction to the fox hunting ban's delay

Fox hunting
Fox hunting could continue for another year if an appeal against the ban by hunting supporters goes ahead.

So how do you feel about the latest development in this highly sensitive issue?

Maybe you are pleased that if the legal process goes ahead, hunting can continue.

Or do you think that the matter has gone on long enough and it will only mean more upset for those who are against it - especially if hunting is banned in the end?

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Your Comments

I feel really strongly about hunting and I think it is brill that the ban has been delayed because if it is baned all the hounds will be killed.
Thomas, 10, Leominster

I don't think that fox hunting should be banned at all! There are far too many people supporting it for it to be banned. I don't see what is so awful about fox hunting in the first place!!!!!
Charlotte, 13, Cirencester

I think it is really bad that they are delaying it. I would like to set a load of savage dogs on the hunters themselves so they know how the foxes feel!
Jack, 13, Gloucestershire

I think fox hunting should be banned right now! What's the point in making a delay? If it goes on any longer it probably won't be banned.That is a sad thing.
Lucy, 9, Essex

I think it is good that it has been delayed because they are worried about the foxes being killed but what about all those hounds? They are just going to get killed now because that is all they have been bred for - killing and catching foxes.
Hannah, 13, Colchester

I am really disappointed that it has been delayed because the foxes are still in so much danger. Please help!!
Katie, 11, Horsham

I think fox hunting is cruelty to animals and the sooner the ban goes through, the better.
Bethany, 9, Reading

I think that the delay to the ban is good. I used to think that hunting was cruel but I have a different opinion now. I just hope that all the horses and dogs will live instead of being killed, they have rights as well as the foxes. I hope that it is realised that banning hunting is the wrong thing to do!
Catriona, 13, Menai Bridge

I'm so glad that it's gonna be delayed. I've been on one hunt and am going on the Boxing Day hunt this year. I am hooked and am glad that they may appeal against the banning of this very important tradition.
Beth, 15, Heathfield

I think the case should not go on, for foxes are being treated unjustly. How would you feel if you were chased by people shooting at you every time you had a meal?
John, 10, Birmingham

It's a great thing. The longer the ban takes to come through the longer British heritage is preserved and the longer chickens live.
Beth,14, London

I think that fox hunting is a good thing. It is sad that it is being banned, but the delay will give more time to sort out what will happen to the hounds and huntsmen.
Katy, 12, Cumbria

I think that people think that if they keep delaying the ban, the government might change their mind. But that's not true. All they are really doing is delaying it, and annoying the government. The ban will soon be in affect. So GET USED TO IT!
Claire, 14, Birmingham

I think it is disgusting that they hunt foxes and delaying the ban will just make more foxes die and they may become endangered species.
Zahra, 13, Rochdale

I hunt at the moment and I welcome this delay but the ban overall won't effect me because I'll still hunt illegally.
Phillipa, 13, Rugby

The matter has gone on long enough and it's only upsetting those who are against. I have mixed feelings about the ban because if we ban it foxes are safe but thousands of hunting dogs will be slaughtered. On the other hand not banning it will kill foxes. So both ways one animal will be killed.
Laura, 14, Birkhill

They should just get the ban over and done with. Fox hunting is cruel and the sooner everyone realises that the better!
Hannah, 12, Hailsham

I think it's bad that hunting isn't going to be banned for a while yet, because now that it's going to be banned, people against the law will hunt more than ever in the meantime.
Louisa, 11, Salford

I think that the sooner the ban goes through the better. It's not as if hunters would HAVE to kill the hounds, because they could go drag hunting.
Jess, 13, Leamington Spa

This should be banned now, not in another year, the government needs to take more action in doing this or the ban will be delayed even longer.
Liam, 12, Middlesbrough

I think the quicker the ban goes through, the sooner people will realise what a menace foxes can be, not only in the country with livestock but also in the towns.
Lucy, 15, Swindon

I think it's just prolonging the suffering of the foxes and the joy of the hunters. I think the hunters just aren't interested in the fox's welfare.
Brendan, 13, Buxton

I think a delay to banning fox hunting would be appalling and disgraceful. I love all animals and foxes too. Me and my friends think it is very wrong to hunt them!
Lizzie, 10, Warrington

It should still be banned. I'm from a farming family, and I've learnt killing solves nothing.
Laura, 14, Launceston

I think it is a good sign for fox hunters. It shows that we are getting closer to stopping the ban!!!!
Max, 11, Kingston

I think that this has gone on too long, if people see what the problem is and how horrible it is now then why keep doing it? I really hope it will be fully banned soon, that really would be a Christmas present!
Maisy, 14, Southampton

I think it has gone on too long and should be banned straight away, there is no point delaying it any longer when it will obviously go ahead, hunters might as well prepare themselves for the ban now, instead of continuing to hunt.
Laura, 13, Swansea

I think it will be great if the ban on foxhunting is delayed. I hunt myself and although people think it is cruel to chase foxes, the ban will mean thousands of foxhounds will have to be shot. If the ban is delayed then maybe the Government will think twice about banning it.
Lucy, 12, Herefordshire

It's not good enough. More innocent foxes are going to be killed while this case goes on - BAN IT NOW!
Annie, 14, Birmingham

I think that the ban will still win in the end so it's a shame more foxes could be killed in the mean time.
Sam, 13, Warrington