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Last Updated: Thursday June 23 2005 17:25 GMT

Should skirts be banned from school?

School uniform
A school in Dorset has banned girls from wearing skirts as part of their uniform, making trousers the only option.

Do you think skirts should be banned from school?

If you're a girl, do you think you'd be able to be more active or comfortable?

Or do you think the ban is silly?

And if you're a boy, we'd like to hear your opinion on the issue too!

E-mail and let us know what you think.

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Your comments

It is so stupid. Why don't they have a limit to how short the skirts are?
Ayesha, 9, Kent

At my school we have to wear a heavy grey skirt all year round, it gets too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer! I think girls should have a choice on whether they wear skirts or trousers.
Steph, 14, Cambridge

I think the ban is silly, I mean, some girls may prefer skirts to trousers! At my school we have to wear skirts in the summer and part of autumn and spring, but in winter you can wear trousers if you want to. That makes sense, because it's a bit cold in the winter. What's the harm in wearing skirts, anyway?
Eleanor, 12, Tokyo

What I want t know is why can't boys where skirts? This is no joke.
Tom, 15, Rochdale

How many more bans are they going to do? Look, kids should have a choice. Some girls like myself in the warmer parts of the year like to wear skirts. In the colder parts of the year I like to wear trousers. Other people just like wearing trousers, or some just skirts. It depends on the personality. I think the ban is silly. How come when adults go to work they can wear trousers or skirts, but girls in school can only wear skirts? Isn't school supposed to train us for our jobs later on in life?
Isa, 15, Bath

I have to wear a skirt and it's ok in the summer but in the winter I'd much prefer to wear trousers!!! We should have the choice so people like me (that hate skirts) have the free choice to wear trousers if they want to!
Harriet, 14, Suffolk

I think we should ban skirts because at our school girls are allowed to wear skirts but boys aren't allowed to wear shorts!
Lydia, 11, Sheffield

It's rubbish! If it is unreasonable for some lessons then don't wear them for those lessons. And about the modesty, we aren't in the 10th century.
Nadia, 12, Grimsby

I think you should have your choice, but I prefer trousers most.
Fatima, 9, Northampton

I think that skirts should not be banned because in summer you could get too warm.
Lee, 11, Bradford

I think girls should have a choice, whether to wear trousers or skirts. Some girls that I know prefer skirts others prefer trousers, we are all different
Nathan, 14, Blackpool

At my school, we have the choice to wear skirts or trousers, which gives everyone the choice to do what they want! no-one should be forced to wear anything they don't want to - we should have a choice!
Katie, 14, Ipswich

Girls should have the choice. Skirts are freedom and it does not stop you from doing drama, as I'm doing it for my options and I know. We don't want to be robots with the lads.
Rach, 14, Shrewsbury

I think they should be able to wear skirts! If it was so incredibly showing why would they even be made into this world!? Also, it's going to be hot out in the summer!
Emily, 14

It's far too warm to be wearing trousers in the summer. It's better to wear skirts.
Lisa, 13, Belfast

As a school girl my self I think skirts should not be banned because some girls won't want to wear trousers. I think girls should still be given a choice of wearing a skirt or trousers.
Sophie, 9, Surrey

My school's regulation trousers are disgusting, so I wear a skirt by choice. People at my school wear short skirts, but that shouldn't mean that we can't wear skirts at all! It's a stupid rule.
Naomi, 13, Guernsey

You can move around in skirts just as much as trousers. I think they should bring in trousers for the girls, but they can wear skirts if they want.
Clodagh, 12, Derry

Skirts are better in Summer because trousers make you get hot and sticky- especially in these temperatures. Anyway, shouldn't they just have a rule on how long skirts should be if they want girls to stop wearing them short?
Amy, 12, London

Why?!?!?!? I go to a grammar school and I think that the skirts are good for us it as they make us feel a lot more feminine rather than wearing trousers. Some skirts may be short but we are punished for it, so why even bother banning them?
Louby, 13, Kent

If boys are allowed to wear shorts girls should wear skirts. It's not fair. It will be ok if they weren't too short.
Daisy, 15, Kent

Why??? That's stupid! Are they trying to turn us into boys or something? I mean it's ok sometimes but we should get a choice.
Rachel, 11, Tadworth

No way! Girls should be able to were skirts if they want to and no one should stop them.
Leah, 13, Wolverhampton

No way! I like wearing skirts, and why should you take away skirts, why not just let boys wear them?
Isabelle, 12, Manchester

I go to an all-girls school and our skirt is navy pleated and goes down past our knees. It's been like that for over one hundred years and we are always campaigning to get rid of it. I would love for them to be banned!
Louisa, 15, Hertford

I think this is a horrid thing to do! It's not fair for some girls to have to suffer the consequences of the girls who wear short skirts, wearing a skirt makes me feel confident and mature as well as feeling like a women like I can take on the world. If they take them away in our school, I'd start a protest!
Rhiannon, 12, Moreton in Marsh

I think it is mean because boys can wear shorts to keep cool and girls have to wear trousers all year through I think its sexiest.
Josie, 11, Scarborough

I prefer wearing trousers in the winter as it's too cold, but I'd like to be able to wear a skirt in the summer - especially in this hot weather!
Beth, 13, Liverpool

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