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Last Updated: Wednesday December 29 2004 09:00 GMT

Why can't girls have the same uniform as boys?

School uniform
Rhiannon isn't happy that girls at her school have to wear two different uniforms a year.

Here's what she has to say.

"I am really annoyed with my school uniform.

We don't have to pay to go to my school but the way we have to dress really looks like we do!

All pupils have to wear straight legged navy blue trousers, a navy blue blazer and an itchy navy blue v-neck jumper.

The girls have to wear a blue and white checked blouse in summer and a horrible primrose yellow blouse in winter. Girls always wear the jumper with the winter blouse as it is a bit see-through.

Easy ride

The boys have a much easier ride on the uniform rollercoaster. They only have one uniform throughout the year.

Why can't girls have the same?

When I first started we had a uniform list including things like craft aprons, indoor pumps and other items that we don't even need!

I think my school should not be so picky with the uniform and I'm sure that many people in my school will agree."

Rhiannon, 11, Coventry

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