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Last Updated: Monday December 27 2004 11:38 GMT

We are playing Billy Elliot on stage!

Back in April, loads of boys queued up to audition for the role of Billy Elliot in the forthcoming West End musical.

In their reports, George, James and Liam tell us how they got the part playing the boy dancer.

"I joined a theatre school with an agency about a year ago. I really hadn't done much dancing - just a bit of tap and street dancing - I wasn't into ballet at all!

The agency rang my mum and asked if I would like to go to an audition for Billy Elliot the musical. I thought that would be cool, as I had seen the film and I thought it was brilliant.

The audition was great fun, but a bit scary. There were so many boys that I didn't think I had a chance.

I had to go through many auditions before they decided on the last nine. It was quite nerve racking but exciting at the same time.

When I got the phone call to say that I had got the part I think I was in shock, I couldn't believe it. My whole family came round to celebrate, it was great!!

It's been really hard work - I have to travel up to London four nights a week and sometimes I get really tired, but I have to do all this training so that I'm ready for the show when it starts.

I really can't wait for the show to start, it will be fantastic. I can't imagine what I will feel like on my first night, probably very nervous, but once the music starts and I go on stage all that will go and I will be trying to do the best I can to make the show a success."

George, 13

"I started acting and singing when I was 11 when I joined an amateur operatic society not far from where I live.

The dance school I went to was all girls but I didn't care. I seemed to pick it up fairly quickly, and was soon joining in with their shows, plus it was nice being the only boy as I was spoilt by them.

The audition for Billy Elliot was on a Sunday morning. It was pouring with rain and we had to stand outside with hundreds of other people waiting to be seen.

Once inside I had to say my name and another line, in an angry manner! We were then shown a dance routine which we had to copy. Every time they asked me to do something I would think "Just go for it! Try your best".

When I got the call to say I'd got the part our house went mad - everybody was laughing and crying even my Dad. It was fantastic, a dream come true for me. I felt like I just wanted to jump up and down, and run around shouting "I did it!"

We all moved down to London in November for full rehearsals. I am really looking forward to working with all the cast and putting it all together. It will be great fun and I know it will be hard work, as I have to study for my GCSEs as well. But I am looking forward to opening night, it will be WICKED!"

James, 14, Sheffield

"I thought auditioning for Billy would be a great experience, as I loved more than anything being on stage.

The audition was totally like nothing I'd done before and was fun. It was amazing when I received my phone call saying I'd got the part.

I wasn't confident as the other boys were much older than me. I couldn't believe it. I was excited but a bit scared too, as this was the biggest thing I'd ever done so it took a while for it to sink in, it was like a dream.

I'd never sung a note before until I auditioned, but I started singing lessons. My confidence grew and I enjoyed it.

I then moved to London with George and James to do some rehearsals, it was really hard work but awesome.

Whilst auditioning for Billy Elliot the musical, I also auditioned for the Royal Ballet School at White Lodge, where I successfully gained a place. I am there at present and enjoying that too.

I am really looking forward to doing the show and trying to imagine what it's going to be like, it's scary but amazing."

Liam, 12

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