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Last Updated: Saturday June 25 2005 10:30 GMT

Should rainforests be cut down?


Many rainforests around the world are being destroyed to make way for farms or mining.

In Becky's report she discusses whether this is a good thing or not.

"Our rainforests are home to millions of species of plants and animals.

But many big companies chop down the trees in the rainforests to use them for furniture and mining for oil and metals, like gold and copper.

Cure diseases

However, doing this is killing thousands of animals and plants that haven't even been discovered.

Some of these plants may be able to cure diseases like cancer and AIDS.

Cutting down the trees also speeds up global warming, which will melt the ice in the Arctic.

This could then flood lots of countries, and destroy homes and even people.

Big impact

On the other hand, cutting down the rainforests will provide jobs for people who need money.

And will also provide furniture for people.

So whichever way we look at it, cutting down rainforests will have a big impact on everybody's lives."

Becky, 13, Yorkshire

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