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Last Updated: Monday June 20 2005 17:50 GMT

In pictures: The 10th Doctor appears...

Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who
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As the new series of Doctor Who came to an end we knew Christopher Eccleston was leaving, but why did it start in the Big Brother chair?
The Anne droid
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The Doctor and Rose were beamed into futuristic versions of hit TV shows, like the Weakest Link starring the Anne droid.
The controller of Satellite Five
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All the shows were being overseen by the controller of Satellite Five, but someone else was pulling her strings...
The Dalek invasion fleet
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The Daleks were behind the Doctor's appearance in the Big Brother house, and had been preparing for years to invade the Earth.
The God of the Daleks
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They were led by a new villain to the Doctor Who universe, the self-styled God of the Daleks.
Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
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The Doctor had to kiss his assistant Rose to save the world, but his choice meant he couldn't stay with her.
David Tennant as Doctor Who
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After the Doctor's sacrifice he went through his 9th regeneration, bringing the 10th Doctor to the screen.
David Tennant as Doctor Who
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The latest face of the Doctor is actor David Tennant, who seems to have lost his Scottish accent. Maybe he'll get back for the Christmas special...

Doctor Who
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