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Last Updated: Sunday June 19 2005 10:19 GMT

Doctor Who series two secrets revealed

Russell T Davies reveals some of Doctor Who's secrets
The final episode of the new series of Doctor Who finished less than 24 hours ago, but Newsround Showbiz has already got the inside scoop on what happens next.

Two Christmas specials, two more series, the return of yet another villain from the past and a brand-new Doctor are all yet to come.

Thankfully the boss of the series, Russell T Davies dropped into Newsround to give a taste of what lies in wait for the Doctor next year...

Are there going to be any more series?
"A Christmas special this year, another series of 13 epsiodes in 2006, followed by another Christmas special and then 13 more episodes in 2007, which is very exciting."

Are there any famous villains for the new series?
"Some great new stuff. Some famous old monsters called Cybermen will be coming back and they are as equally scary as the Daleks. They will marching onto your screens into 2006.

"Lots of new villains too and one or two favourite characters from this year as well.

"But at the same time the Christmas special has a brand new monster to fight, and that's gonna be good!"

The first series has been very earthbound, but will the second take in some new planets?
"I'm the one who has stopped us going off earth because I think you see an awful lot of shows, expensive good ones like Enterprise and Angel, where they go to another planet or dimension and it looks rubbish, it looks like California in the sunshine with a funny rock.

"I think that when stuff like Revenge of the Sith is doing the most beautiful planets, no matter what you think of the film, the planets are utterly beautiful and that's on a cinema budget which is a trillion times more than a television show would have.

"I think it's the hardest thing to do and I'm very wary of looking like rubbish because I think the moment the programme looks rubbish people point at it and laugh in a bad way.

"I'm very happy if people have fun with it and have a good laugh with it. When you have a bad laugh you've lost the faith and you've lost the audience."

The new Doctor, actor David Tennant
The new Doctor, actor David Tennant
In the first series we had the Bad Wolf running through, is there anything similar in the second series?
"Yes there is, and that word has already been heard on screen. And that's all I'm saying. You'll have to go back and trawl through 13 episodes to realise what I'm on about.

"You'll hear the word in the Christmas special though"

Can you tell us a bit about the Christmas special?
"It's going to be 60 minutes long. It's the first story of the new Doctor played by David Tennant.

"I remember when I was young it's very strange when a new Doctor comes along, and that's exactly how Rose feels. Her mum gets involved again, but beyond that I can't give anything else away.

"It's as Christmassy as can be. It's got reindeer, it's got sleigh bells, it's got the works."

Is David Tennant going to speak with his native Scottish accent?
"Well, every planet has a Scotland. You'll have to wait and see, there are big revelations on the way and I can't say any more than that."

Have you been surprised by the reaction to the show?
"The thing we're most happy about is that we've got a new young audience watching. Research before we started said children won't watch because their mums and dads liked it.

"That was terrifying because we wanted a young audience and I especially wanted girls watching because science-fiction is very often seen as a boy's thing, which is why we have so many strong female characters. And a lot of strong emotion in it, because I think that gets girls watching.

"I'm delighted that young audience has latched on to it.

Watch the interview with Russell T Davies on Newsround Showbiz at 3.50pm on the CBBC channel.

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